Special Events

Varsity Spirit Spectacular

November 22-25, 2024

  • Hosted at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL
  • Captains, Co-Captains, Officers and Seniors

Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade

November 26-29, 2024

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Elementary, JH and JV All-Americans from select states.

Orlando Thanksgiving Tour

November 26-29, 2024

  • Hosted at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.
  • Elementary, JH and JV All-Americans from select states.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

December 4-9, 2024

  • Honolulu, HI
  • Varsity All-Americans

London New Year's Day Parade

December 26-January 2, 2025

  • London, England
  • Varsity All-Americans and USA Drum Major All-Americans

Cheez-It Citrus Bowl Performance

Dates - coming soon

  • Orlando, FL
  • Trophy-winning teams and All-American Mascots

Spring Break Performance


  • Hosted at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL
  • Qualify via virtual tryout.
"'We loved everything about attending the event! Varsity covered all of the details from flights to lodging to all of our daily itineraries. The trip was so well-planned and an incredible experience for our family!'" - Cathy, Parent, London New Year's Day Parade
"'It was so exciting to see our daughter participate in the event and see her performing in Magic Kingdom! We loved that the athletes all had a chance to take photos with the characters, and the provided breakfast was great!'" - Jennifer, Parent, Spring Break Performance
"'In awe of how well organized it was with 700+ performers! We definitely will participate in future events, this was an event of a lifetime for my girl. Thank you for making a small town girl's dream come true. She now wants to work for Varsity one day and really looked up to everyone she met on the Varsity staff!'" - Kim, Parent, Cheez-It Citrus Bowl
"'I loved getting to meet new friends from other places and performing in a parade that meant so much to so many people. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.'" - Saylyr, Athlete, Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade
"'How do I narrow it down to a couple of things when the whole trip was fantastic? I loved the way the whole thing was planned so meticulously, the tours, food, dinner at the pub, help in the lobby, always someone to answer questions, free time.'" - Leah, Parent, London New Year's Day Parade

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify for a Varsity Spirit Special Event?

There are a couple of ways to qualify for a Varsity Spirit Special Event with our events being broken down into several categories.

Camp Affiliated:

All-American Events: Athletes can qualify at their Varsity Spirit Summer Camp by being selected (or for NCA/NDA nominates) as an All-American athlete through the tryout process.

  • Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade:¬† JH or JV All-Americans from
  • Orlando Thanksgiving Tour: JH or JV All-Americans from
  • Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade: Varsity All-Americans
  • London New Year’s Day Parade: Varsity All-Americans
  • Cheez-It Citrus Bowl: Mascot All-Americans

Captains, Co-Captains, Officers and Seniors: Varsity Spirit Spectacular

Camp Trophy/Award Winning Teams: Cheez-it Citrus Bowl

Not camp affiliated:

Qualify via virtual tryout: Spring Break Performance

  • This event is open to school, all star, studio and aspiring cheerleaders + dancers.

Are the events just for athletes or are families able to attend as well?

These events are for the whole family! Outside of the performance, each event has unique itineraries that include all family members and friends traveling with the athlete. From tours of London to beachside luaus in Honolulu, there are memories to be made at each Varsity Spirit Special Event.

Check out our testimonial section to hear from past Special Event Parents!

What is included when you attend a Special Event?

Packages are unique to each Varsity Spirit Special Event, so we recommend viewing the website of the event you are interested in for a more detailed list of what is included in the travel package.