Athlete Protection

Varsity Spirit Safety

Varsity Spirit is focused every day on creating a culture of empowerment that encourages athletes to be educated about abuse and other difficult topics. Our mission is athlete safety, and we do not tolerate misconduct or abuse of any kind.

Varsity Spirit provides training to Varsity Spirit Instructors and Staff regarding abuse and reporting. Varsity Spirit enforces its own policies that prohibit abuse and misconduct and are designed to reduce, monitor and govern the areas where potential abuse and misconduct might occur, in addition to the policies implemented by USA Cheer and the USASF addressing certain types of abuse and misconduct. The following types of misconduct are specifically prohibited in these policies:

  • Sexual Abuse and Misconduct  
  • Physical Abuse and Misconduct  
  • Emotional Abuse and Misconduct  
  • Bullying, Threats and Harassment  
  • Hazing

In addition, these policies contain proactive athlete protection measures such as restrictions on one-on-one interactions with minor athletes, travel policies, communications policies and requiring annual background checks for Varsity staff involved in events.

Education and awareness are key to eliminating the issues outlined above. To further understand and define the different types of abuse and misconduct, and identify early signs, click here. Links to information about USA Cheer’s and USASF’s athlete protection policies can be found below…

USA Cheer

USA Cheer:

  • To ensure that cheerleading remains a Safe Sport, USA Cheer has established an extensive governing code that outlines our policies against all forms of abuse and misconduct. Learn more: About SafeSport
  • We work hard to protect our athletes by monitoring and governing all areas where potential abuse and misconduct may occur, but it is important for all members of our community to be able to recognize signs of abuse and misconduct and understand how to effectively report those behaviors. Understand How to Report and help us protect our community.
  • The #iCheerSafe Pledge has been signed by thousands of athletes and coaches around the world, pledging to be responsible for the safety of yourself and those around you. Take the pledge today to help us to create a stronger cheer community!