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Varsity Brands Privacy Policy – Summary of Terms

The new Privacy Policy will be implemented across all of the Varsity Brands entities and subsidiaries and must be hyperlinked on each entity’s webpage.  Further, each paper form that a customer submits with personal information (address and number of contact person, etc.) should be updated in due time with a reference to the Privacy Policy (including web address).

There is no need to issue our users a formal notice of change to our Privacy Policy – there has not been a substantive change in their rights or how we use their data.


  • Exclusions From This Policy
    • Recognizes that certain product offerings may be governed by separate terms and conditions (like HJ’s software offerings) and that those policies will govern the collection of data under those products.
    • Recognizes that schools may have state regulations regarding our use of personal data collected while doing business with schools and that, in those instances, our contracts with the school will govern data use.
  • Information We Collect
    • Summarizes the different ways that Varsity Brands collects information about its customers, both directly (account registration, sweepstakes entries, order forms, etc.) and passively (device usage, cookies and other electronic technologies, etc.).
    • Clarifies that all information that may be shared by a user in public areas (such as forums, message boards, etc.) is public information for Varsity Brands and others to use and share.
    • Further provides that location information may be used to customize information and advertisements specific to users.
    • Also recognizes that information can be collected from social media and non-affiliated third parties (business partners, marketers, etc.).
  • How We Use Your Information
    • Provides that any company that is part of the Varsity Brands family can use information pursuant to the Privacy Policy in order to provide services, for advertising or to communicate with the user.
  • When We Disclose User Information
    • NOTE: The Privacy Policy does not allow us to share information with unrelated third parties for them to use solely for their own benefit.
      • As long as the party is a partner of ours and they use it to promote a joint event or joint service offering to which we are a party, then we can share information with the third party SOLELY to promote the joint activity.
      • Otherwise, we cannot share information with an unrelated third party unless our user has opted into receiving information from unrelated third parties. For example, if a party is a sponsor of one of our events, and they have asked us for registrant list so that they can promote their product offerings to them, we cannot share our list with them unless the registrants have opted into receiving information from third parties.
      • We can look into doing a blanket permission to share information under future iterations of the Privacy Policy, but please note that we will have to give formal notice of a change to our Privacy Policy, we will have to comply with state data laws such at California’s Shine the Light law, etc.
  • Personalized Content, Advertising and Your Choices
    • Allows us to personalize the content and advertising that users see when using the sites through use of third party advertising technologies.
  • Do Not Track Signals
    • Clarifies that we do not recognize or respond to browser-initiated do not track signals.
  • Data Retention
    • Clarifies that we only keep user information for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.
  • Data Subject Rights
    • This section, as well as the others highlighted in blue in the attached, have been included to comply with new GDPR requirements.
  • Marketing Choices
    • All requests from users regarding our use of their data will be directed to privacy@varsitybrands.com, which will be monitored by the legal team and disseminated to the appropriate divisions.