About the Citrus Bowl

Join us December 30th, 2022-January 3, 2023 at the Universal Orlando Resort for the Citrus Bowl! 

Eligible Participants: Squad & Team Trophy Winners and Mascot All-Americans & UCA, UDA, NCA, NDA, UDA & UCE All-Americans who were unable to attend the November Special Events. 

Year in School: Junior High and above

Location: Orlando, FL

Trip Dates: December 30, 2022-January 3, 2023

🗓️ Event Itinerary


🏷️ Tour Package Pricing


🧾 Event Registration

Registration Information COMING SOON!

Registration Specialists:

*Please do not email credit card information. After your registration is received, you will receive a confirmation via email. Once that is received you may contact the Varsity office at 800-238-0286 to make a credit card payment. Registration will not be complete until payment is received.


  • Adult Release Waiver – COMING SOON!
  • Minor Release Waiver – COMING SOON!

👕Uniform Information

Includes top and skirt for females and top and pants for males. All participants will need to bring white tennis shoes and white socks. Uniforms will be shipped two weeks prior to the event.

Not sure what size to order? Watch our Uniform Measurement Guide to find out:


📝 Terms & Conditions

TOUR ORGANIZER: This tour is being organized for selected All Americans of the Universal Cheerleaders Association, Universal Dance Association, National Cheerleaders Association, National Dance Alliance divisions and Urban Cheerleading Experience of Varsity Spirit LLC.

  • Varsity Spirit LLC: 3131 Appling Road, Memphis, TN 38133; Telephone 888-243-3782 or 800-326-2383; Fax 901-387-4357.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: If your All American is flying to Orlando International Airport, we recommend you use ALTOUR to make your flight arrangements. If there are flight delays or weather cancellations on arrival or departure days, they will be able to accommodate you better with tickets purchased through ALTOUR. To purchase flights call 1-866-719-0379.

Cancellations on or before October 14, 2022 will receive a full refund except for the $200 deposit. For cancellations between  October 15, 2022 and October 21, 2022 an additional $100 per person penalty will apply. After October 22, 2022, there will be no refunds.

All cancellations must be made in writing to Varsity Spirit LLC. They can be emailed to the registration specialists below. We will not accept cancellations by phone.

CONFIRMATION: After completed reservation application and deposit are received, a reservation confirmation will be sent to you via email. Information regarding the performance and confirmed rooming list will be sent to you in late September. A link with your routine and your uniform will be sent to you two weeks prior to the event.

RESPONSIBILITY DISCLOSURE NOTICE: VARSITY SPIRIT LLC, D.B.A. UNIVERSAL CHEERLEADERS ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSAL DANCE ASSOCIATION, NATIONAL CHEERLEADERS ASSOCIATION, NATIONAL DANCE ALLIANCE AND URBAN CHEERLEADING EXPERIENCE, divisions of VARSITY SPIRIT LLC, act only as an agent in connection with the tour offered herein and its liability is limited. The travel services including air transportation, carriage by land, hotel accommodations, restaurants, and related services are provided by independent third parties not under the control of VARSITY SPIRIT LLC. VARSITY SPIRIT LLC shall NOT bear any liability to the passenger or any third party for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason or any defect, through the acts of defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the passengers or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour and/or performance events, venues, etc. as a direct or indirect result of acts of God, dangers incident to fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities, acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, unhealthy conditions, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical, or customs regulations, or from any other causes beyond the control of VARSITY SPIRIT LLC. VARSITY SPIRIT LLC shall not be liable for any losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedule or any other causes. The right is reserved to decline, to accept, or to retain any tour passenger should such person’s health or general deportment impede the operation of the tour to the detriment of other passengers. No refunds for tour portions or unused services can be made unless agreed prior to the scheduled deadlines. Your retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent to the above and agreement on your part to convey the contents herein to your traveling companions. Payment of any deposit of final payment shall be deemed to constitute consent be each passenger to these terms. Baggage is carried at the owner’s risk and baggage insurance is strongly recommended. It is also recommended that each participant in this tour have his or her own attorney review this RESPONSIBILITY DISCLOSURE NOTICE before indicated his or her consent by signing the reservation form.

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much spending money should I bring with me?
A: That’s up to you. You will only need money for meals not included in the package and miscellaneous items such as snacks and souvenirs. 

Q: What happens if I get injured or become ill during the event?
A: We will have first aid staff on duty throughout the event. Additional medical treatment is at the expense of the participant. 

Q: When do we need to arrive to Orlando?
A: Normal arrival day is December 29. We do offer a limited number of extra nights on December 28 for those requesting an early arrival. Be sure to check the cost of an extra night room. 

Q: My participant already has a uniform from the 2019 Citrus Bowl Pre-Game Performance or Orlando Thanksgiving Tour. Is the uniform the same and do we get a discount?
A: If your participant already has the uniform from the 2019 Citrus Bowl Pre-Game Performance or Orlando Thanksgiving Tour , please indicate this on your uniform sheet and you may deduct $40 from your cost. 

Q:  We missed our deadline for registration and deposit…Are we too late?
A:  Please call Customer Service at 800-238-0286 and select Option 2 for availability. 

Q:  How do we know what size uniform to order?
A:  Watch this short video with instructions on how to properly measure for your uniform. *Please note: Your current Varsity uniform will more than likely be a different fit than the uniform we use for Special Events. 

Q: Can we visit both Universal parks?
A: Yes! Your tickets allow you to visit both Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure! 

Q:  What is the difference between Participant and Spectator pricing?
A:  The uniform and pre-game performance is the only difference. Everything that is listed as INCLUDED in the tour package is available to everyone. 

Q:  Is the Pre-Game televised?
A:  Although the game itself is usually televised on ABC the pre-game performance is not. 

Q:  Does everyone with the tour group have to stay for the entire game?
A:  We schedule our buses to take everyone back to the hotel immediately following halftime.  However, if you would like to stay for the entire game you may sign up to do so. We will have a signup sheet available during registration in Orlando. 

Q:  I have males on my cheer squad.  How will they be incorporated into the performance?
A:  All male cheerleaders and their cheer partner will perform with the Varsity staff.  Their routine will be taught during rehearsals in Orlando. 

Q: What safety precautions is the Universal Orlando Resort taking?
A: Click here for the Universal Orlando Resort’s safety resources. 


Q:  What does the Mascot’s performance consist of?
A:  All Mascots will perform on the field with the cheerleaders and dancers in their own school mascot costume. 

Q:  When will the mascots learn their routine?
A:  All Mascots will receive a link to learn a portion of the pre-game performance.  The remainder of their routine will be taught to them during rehearsals in Orlando. 

Q:  Is the Mascot All-American pullover that’s included in the tour package meant to be worn over the mascot costume?
A:  No. The pullover is for you to wear anytime.  Be sure to measure for your jacket without your costume on as exchanges are very limited. 

Q:  If we are flying to Orlando, how do I get my mascot costume there?
A:  Check with the airline you are flying on in advance to find out their regulations and restriction on oversized luggage. 

Q: What safety precautions is the Universal Orlando Resort taking?
A: Click here for the Universal Orlando Resort’s safety resources.  

📰 Press Release

If you would like to share with your local press (newspaper, TV) that you are participating in this event, please click below for a downloadable Press Release. Once you download it, you can add your name, school, city and state and send it to your local newspapers and TV stations.

Click here for a downloadable cheerleader/ dancer Press Release to share with your local media outlets.

Click here for a downloadable mascot Press Release to share with your local media outlets.

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