Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the student experience. It’s what we do every day. We strive to work side-by-side with coaches, and on the sidelines and mat with student-athletes, to help them lead and make positive impacts in their communities. 

Our Action

Every day we come to work ready to do our best to help coaches, athletes and spirit professionals succeed. We work hard to lead by example in the community, on the sidelines, on the mat and in the classroom. 

Our Impact

Our 5,000 employees serve over 1 million athletes and coaches every year and together we’ve raised over $10 million for charity and changed the lives of many more. 

Safety & Well-Being

Athlete safety is the core of our mission at Varsity Spirit. We’re dedicated to enhancing the experience for spirit leaders, including emphasizing the importance of all aspects of safety – physical and mental.

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Spirit & Inclusion

Varsity Spirit aims to empower students and spirit leaders across the country to represent their schools and gyms in a positive way.

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Giving Back

Part of being a spirit leader means getting involved in your community and making a difference.

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We’re on Your Team

From every thread sewn on our uniforms to the careful planning of our camps and events, Varsity Spirit Cares — a lot.

We care about our customers’ experiences and our employees’ opportunities, and thoughtfully plan every detail to create the unforgettable moments that will forever shape the lives of our athletes and coaches. As former cheerleaders, dancers, coaches and teachers — we’ve been in your shoes, stood on the sidelines, on the mat and in the classroom. It’s why we care. It’s why we come to work every day with spirit, enthusiasm and a passion for what we do.


Benefits of dance

Benefits of Dance

Being a dancer is so much more than standing on the sidelines, rooting on your team or performing on...

Jun. 24, 2021

benefits of cheer

Benefits of Cheer

Being a cheerleader is so much more than standing on the sidelines, cheering on your team or performing on the competition...

Jun. 21, 2021

Dos and Don’ts of Safety

Of course you want to be ready for camp, but “ready” may not mean what you think. Being ready means being prepared to learn. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will help. DO… Work your fundamentals. Often, we get used to doing the same four or five skills that we use at games […]

Mar. 1, 2021

#ShowYourGold for St. Jude

Did you know it costs more than $1 billion to operate St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital each year, and almost all of that funding comes from donations? St. Jude treats thousands of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases each year, and it’s made possible by teamwork.  When we say teamwork, we mean it. There are hundreds of organizations and people who come together to raise money every single day to […]

Sep. 2, 2020

Meet Our Summer Camp Staff Who Lead With Love

The role of a spirit squad member transcends far beyond the sidelines, football fields, competition floors, and practice mats. Spirit leaders are responsible for showing up for their peers, being ambassadors for their schools, community leadership, the list goes on… There’s a lot to learn, and that’s why our Varsity Spirit Camp Instructors have been […]

Aug. 17, 2020

School Spirit Provides a Sense of Belonging

It’s often said that school spirit is the heart of a school. You may also think of school pride in this way to. School pride helps foster a sense of belonging among students and staff who are part of a school. This sense of camaraderie has a powerful influence in school culture and academic performance—hence […]

Jul. 20, 2020

Lead With Love

Tiana Day is a 17-year-old cheerleader who wants to create change. On June 6, 2020, with the help of Mimi Zoila, she led the first ever protest across the Golden Gate Bridge. The nearly two-mile peaceful march brought together tens of thousands of people to protest and bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. […]

Jun. 18, 2020