Varsity Spirit Influencer Teams

Varsity Spirit recognizes these athletes to have a strong influence in their sport with their involvement in cheer, dance or band! Our brand ambassadors and influencers lead the way, set the trends, and share helpful advice through their content on how to succeed on and off the sideline or mat.

Varsity Ambassadors Influencer Team

Varsity Ambassadors

Our Varsity Ambassadors are our social media brand ambassadors and represent Varsity Spirit on a variety of social platforms, with an emphasis on Instagram and TikTok. This group is comprised of junior high, high school and college students, athletes and band members!

These influencers set the trends and share their cheer, dance, and band experience and expertise throughout the season to fill your feed with content that will help others succeed!

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

Varsity Spirit College Collective Influencer Teams

College Collective

Our College Collective is a prestigious group of athletes who represent their collegiate cheer and dance teams. This group has been selected to represent the Varsity Spirit brand for their role as a leader and inspiration to younger athletes.

Selected from across the nation, these influencers and athletes set the gold standard for leading large crowds and building team spirit within their communities!



Varsity Selects Influencer Team

Varsity Selects

Our Varsity Selects is an elite group cheerleaders and dancers who share a passion for the Varsity Spirit brand. They are active athletes at all levels who believe in the past, present and future of cheer and dance.



Fashionista And Fashion Guys!

All Star Fashionistas & Fashion Guys

Our Fashionistas and Fashion Guys are a group of all star athletes that are chosen to represent Varsity All Star Fashion in catalogs, videos, marketing campaigns and more. This diverse group consists of athletes with different looks, backgrounds, and personalities that have a passion for all star cheerleading, and are excited to represent Varsity Spirit and its partners throughout the season.



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Virtual Fashion Show

Virtual Fashion Show

LIGHTS. CAMERA. FASHION! Calling all school cheerleaders and dancers! Ever dreamed of being in the Varsity Spirit Fashion Show? Here’s your chance! Deadline to submit your video is October 23, 2020. What we need from you: Grab your fave uniform, campwear, warmup or game day look, and video your best strut down the virtual catwalk. […]

Oct. 18, 2020

Eco-Friendly Fashion

In 2020 millions of water bottles will be removed from the environment to create uniforms for scholastic spirit squads, while on stages everywhere all star cheer and dance teams will sparkle in uniforms made with eco-friendly Swarovski crystals. It’s a big job to create uniforms and outfit spirit leaders and athletes with quality and style, and Varsity Spirit […]

Apr. 21, 2020

DIY Flip Your Fashion

Flip Your Fashion DIY

Want to give your old VSF tee a new look? Here’s what you’ll need: An old VSF tee Dye or Bleach Rubber bands Scissors Gloves Trash bag Large Ziplock bag Step 1: Lay out your t-shirt and begin folding and twisting it according to the style you’ve chosen. We will be doing the single starburst […]

Apr. 15, 2020

#VarsityFootwear Ascend Design Contest!

Have you ever wanted to design your own cheer shoes? This #TuesdayShoesday we have a #VarsityFootwear Ascend Design Contest! Design your own Custom Ascend for a chance to win a FREE pair of Ascends! We will pick five winners at the end of this week! How To Enter: 1.   Download the template below OR check […]

Mar. 24, 2020