The Summit

05/2/19 – 05/5/19
Orlando, Florida

About The Summit

The Summit, founded by Varsity All Star in 2013 provides a unique experience for athletes in the non-Worlds divisions to compete against the best of the best in all levels of competition. Our Summit Championships continue to grow offering multiple paths for teams to have a competitive, prestigious and celebratory end to their season. We will continue to expand internationally by offering even more IASF divisions as introduced in 2018. Varsity All Star is committed to once again producing an innovative, prestigious, competitive and unforgettable end of the year experience for all levels both domestically and internationally.

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2019 Championship Information

Championship Bid Information

More information regarding the 2019 Summit Championship will be added as it is available. Please check back here for updates.
NEW this season: We will now advance FIVE teams straight to FINALS from Friday’s Wild Card round!

Frequently Asked Questions

Download a printable version of The Summit FAQs HERE!

Who is eligible for Summit Bids?
Any team that competes AND receives a bid in one of the above divisions to The Summit at qualifying events.

Where can I get a bid?
View the Summit Bid listing here!

Will international teams be eligible to earn bids at US events?
Canadian teams are the only international teams allowed to receive bids from Varsity All Star events in the United States. International teams will be eligible to receive bids from our designated Varsity All Star International Events and Partner Events. Additional Information can be found at on the
nternational FAQ and Bid Listing for more information.

If an athlete from our bid winning team can’t make it to The Summit, are we allowed to replace them with another athlete from our gym?
You MUST compete with the number of athletes that you qualify with. You can compete with less as long as it keeps you in the same division. You will only be able to replace 25% of your roster from the time you received your bid until you compete at The Summit. Example: A team of 22 competes and receives a bid, they can only replace 7 athletes (6.25 is 25% and we always round up) at the time of The Summit competition.

What is the Wild Card Round?
The Wild Card round of The Summit will take place Friday, May 3rd at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando, FL. NEW this season: the top FIVE teams in each division will automatically advance to Sunday’s Final Round. There will not be any teams advancing from Wild Card (Friday) to Semi Finals (Saturday).

How many teams advance from Semi Finals (Saturday) to Finals (Sunday)?

  • All divisions with 10 or less teams in Semi Finals will have 5 teams advance to finals.
  • All divisions with 11 – 19 teams in Semi Finals will have 50% of the division advance to finals.
  • All divisions with 20 – 30 teams in Semi-Finals will have 10 teams in the division advance to

*Once registration is FINAL, divisions with 31 or more will be looked at to consider advancing additional teams.

Are Crossovers allowed at The Summit?
Athletes will not be allowed to compete on more than 2 cheer teams across The Summit Championships. Athletes can only cross up or down one level at The Summit (EX: Level 2 athlete may only crossover to a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 team). All Level 4.2 athletes may only crossover to levels 2, 3 or 4. Athletes can only cross up or down a level at The Summit. Level 5 athletes that competed at Cheerleading Worlds can only cross to level 4 & 5 Summit divisions (Excludes Level 4.2). No crossovers will be allowed to compete on both a cheer and a dance team at The Summit. However a Cheerleading Worlds athlete may compete at the Dance Summit and a Dance Worlds athlete may compete at The Summit.

*Reminder that we do not guarantee crossovers at The Summit during the Semi-Finals Round or Finals Round.

Participants may only represent one gym. Participants must pay an additional $100 registration fee for each additional team performance. However, if there is an athlete that is on a Paid bid team and crossing over to another Paid Bid team there will be no crossover fee applied. Only if an athlete is on a Paid Bid team as well as an At-Large bid team will that athlete will be required to pay the crossover fee.

The MAXIMUM number of individuals allowed to crossover from the 2019 Cheerleading Worlds to The Summit will be 5 athletes per team. Exception: Junior 5 (NOT restricted) will be allowed to have up to 8 crossovers from The Cheerleading Worlds to The Summit.

Is more than one team from the same program location eligible to receive a bid in the same Summit division?
If a program has a team that was awarded a bid in a division, a legitimate second team can still compete for an additional bid, but may not share any athletes with the team already in possession of one regardless of registration status.

Can the same team that receives a bid in an all girl division updated their roster and earn a bid in the coed division?
If a team receives a bid in an all girl division, that team may not accept a bid in the corresponding coed division. If a team receives a bid in a coed division, that team may not accept a bid in the corresponding all girl division.

Are crossovers allowed between The Summit and The D2 Summit?
No athlete can compete at both The Summit and the D2 Summit in the same competitive season in the USASF divisions. The ONLY exception to this is if an athlete competes on an IASF team at The Summit – that athlete will be allowed to compete at the D2 Summit on ONE TEAM ONLY.

Upgrading Bids:
Once your team accepts a bid for Summit or The D2 Summit, you MUST stay with that specific track to earn a higher bid throughout the remainder of the season

  • Wild Card Summit Bid- You can ONLY upgrade to a PAID Summit bid.
  • Paid Summit Bid– You must use your Paid Summit bid. This bid type or location cannot be upgraded.
  • At-Large Summit Bid– You can ONLY upgrade to a PAID Summit bid.

Can bids be passed down?
No, bids will not be passed down this season.

What do individuals and teams receive for competing at The Summit?
All participants will receive a participation medallion for competing at The Summit. Teams who qualify for Finals on Sunday in each division will be awarded a personalized team banner with their division and placement. Teams that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective division will also receive a team banner and each participant from those teams will receive individual mini banners recognizing their accomplishment. All divisional champions will receive exclusive Summit Champion Rings! Only participants and coaches listed on the official USASF Summit Roster will be included in ring sizing. Additional rings may be ordered onsite but must be paid for by team/individual.

*Athletes & Coaches that win on two different teams will only be given ONE Championship Ring!

Will D2 divisions be offered at The Summit?
No, The Summit does not offer D2 Divisions.

Will Bids be passed down for The Summit?
No, Summit Bids will not be passed down this season.

*Event Producers have the right to investigate any and all teams receiving a Summit Bid. Bid eligible teams and divisions will be reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy to ensure each team has the same opportunity.

2019 International Divisions

More information regarding the 2019 Summit Championship will be added as it is available. Please check back here for updates.

NEW this season, the following International Divisions will be offered at The Summit:

  • International Open Level 4
  • International Open Coed Level 4

Registration Information

Registration & Payment Information

Online Registration is now OPEN!

A $100 per person deposit is required after your registration is submitted. Registrations will not be approved nor will hotel rooms be held without the deposit.  Hotels may fill up after you submit your registration.

View the 2019 Summit Travel Package!

Terms & Conditions

If you are ONLY ordering additional ticket and not registering for the event, click here.

If you are a coach and would like to roster your team and register for the event, click here.

If you are anyone registering separately from the team (coach, participant, spectator), click here to register.   You will need your team’s reservation number in order to proceed.

Participants and Coaches must be listed on the team roster in order to register and may select housing OR commuter. Spectators may select the housing option for themselves and the housing OR commuter option for their participant. Spectators cannot register as commuters. If you are a spectator and need to order tickets, you may attach a ticket order to your participant’s registration in the “Add On” section of the registration process, or use the link below under “Summit Ticket Information”.

Request a Registration Change:

  • If you already have a reservation and need to make changes, you may request a change by signing back into your account and clicking on the “Request a Registration Change” request. The Coach who originally registered the team may also make changes to the Roster by clicking on “Request a Roster Change”. Changes are not confirmed until verified by Varsity.
  •  Click here to request a change.

Make an Online Payment:

  • If you already have a reservation and would like to make a payment, click here to sign in to your account and then click on “Invoice/Payment” button, then “Make Payments”.

Ticket Upgrades:

  • If you would like to upgrade your ticket in advance the price is 45.00 for 3 day-4 day or 4 day-5 day and 90.00 3 day-5 day. If you wait to upgrade your ticket in Orlando, the price is 60.00 for 3 day-4 day or 4 day-5 day and 120.00 for 3 day-5 day.
  • Please indicate this in the “add-on” section of the registration process OR if you have already registered, please submit a Change Request.  Any extra tickets ordered on an existing registration must be paid for in full after the request has been submitted.

Required Forms - Coaches

If you are a coach and would like to roster your team and register for the event, click here.
Coaches registering on line must mail in these forms after submitting registration:

Discounted Tickets

Discounted Tickets: Valid May 1 – 15, 2019.

*Park Hopper passes include five days admission into ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex* (cheer) and 2 days admission into Coronado Springs Resort (dance)

Click here to order tickets.

If you are a spectator and do not need hotel reservations, you may pre-order tickets. (Note: If you are a registered participant, coach or spectator and you need additional tickets, please indicate those on your actual registration.) A limited number of tickets will be available for sale in Orlando at a higher rate on a first come first served basis. Full payment is required.  Pre-order is available through Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Ticket Pickup:

Ticket only packets may be picked up in Orlando during registration hours.  The location is TBD.

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2019:      8 AM – 8 PM
  • Thursday, May 2, 2019:          8 AM – 10 PM
  • Friday, May 3, 2019:               7 AM – 10 PM
  • Saturday, May 4, 2019:           7 AM – Noon

Pre-Ordered tickets must be picked up no later than noon on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Ticket Prices:

  • 3 Day Park Hopper: $335.00 (Pre-order) $350.00 (In Orlando)
  • 4 Day Park Hopper: $380.00 (Pre-order) $395.00 (In Orlando)
  • 5 Day Park Hopper: $425.00 (Pre-order) $440.00 (In Orlando)
  • Celebration Party: $45.00 (Pre-order & in Orlando)
  • Waterpark: $45.00 (Pre-order, Not sold in Orlando)
  • Meal Voucher: $17 (Pre-order, Not sold in Orlando) One entrée and beverage per voucher at designated Theme Park dining locations. Lunch or Dinner only, no breakfast, no dessert.

Contact Your Registration Specialist

Questions? Contact your registration specialist based on the first letter of your team’s name:

The Varsity Pinnacle Award

New this year at The Summit and The D2 Summit, The Varsity Pinnacle Award was created to recognize athletes that embody the core #AllStarStrong characteristics of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership. Prior to the events, coaches, friends, family and athletes had the chance to nominate a team or athlete that represented one of the main #AllStarStrong elements.

With over 700 nominations, these extraordinary cheerleaders and dancers were selected for going above and beyond, not only on their team but in their communities. Congratulations to the 2018 Varsity Pinnacle Award Winners!

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