The Summit

April 29 – May 2, 2021

About The Summit

The Summit, founded by Varsity All Star in 2013 provides a unique experience for athletes in the non-Worlds divisions to compete against the best of the best in all levels of competition. Our Summit Championships continue to grow offering multiple paths for teams to have a competitive, prestigious and celebratory end to their season. We will continue to expand internationally by offering even more IASF divisions as introduced in 2018. Varsity All Star is committed to once again producing an innovative, prestigious, competitive and unforgettable end of the year experience for all levels both domestically and internationally.

Health & Safety Update

Health & Safety Update

2021 Championship Information

Event Qualification

Due to uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 virus that could potentially lie ahead, Varsity All Star reserves the right to redistribute bids at any time.

Secondary Program Release

All athletes participating on a team at The 2021 Summit must be a registered member of that team’s program during the 2020-2021 competition season. Any athlete that has exhibitioned or competed on the floor with a team in any level from a program (Primary Program) during The Summit competition season (January 1, 2021 – May 1, 2021) will have to have a Varsity Spirit Program Release Waiver signed by the owner of the Primary Program before that athlete is eligible to compete with another program at The 2021 Summit.

Summit Testomonials

"'For the first time, we had 3 teams win a bid to the Summit this year. Every single year has been more special. It brings the parents together, the coaches together & the athletes together. So It’s a major opportunity and experience for these kids that they will never forget.'" Cherokee GreendeerGreen Bay Elite
"'Each time that we have gone to the Summit, we have stayed on property and it’s really great for the experience and team bonding of the athletes. When looking at the financial value and convenience – park hoppers, accommodations and transportation all being arranged for you, there’s no better way to do Disney.'" Jordan TranParent
"'I think the Summit is a really important competition. It gives teams an end goal and a focal point to look forward to all season. Under that pressure, kids learn, grow and improve. The Summit teaches them how to work hard and come together to accomplish something incredible.'" David LenglingChoreographer
"'With the Summit, if you put your mind to it and teach the proper techniques, a first year gym can come and be successful, anyone can be successful. Weather you have a large name or not, the Summit is opening the door for all teams in the industry to compete together and be the best.'" Kelly HolcombAtlanta Jayhawks
"'My favorite thing about the summit is my entire team gets the opportunity to travel and spend time together for the entire weekend. I love practicing on the football field with all of the teams around you and your parents can watch from above. The energy is crazy!'" Maddie JensanAthlete at Green Bay Elite
"'Summit not only helped me grow my program, but helped me grow as a coach. The practices and competitions leading up to the Summit weren’t always the easiest for us and seeing my teams persevere and finally reach their goals after years of working was very rewarding.'" Mandy HoodPython All Stars
"'Earning a Summit bid helps our gym gain exposure not just in the cheerleading industry, but to the community who may not know about all star. It’s an opportunity for us to get our name out there and grow our program on the national stage which helps bring more athletes into all star as a whole.'" Nick WilsonPremier Athletics - Nashville

2020 Championship Information

Health & Safety Update

At Varsity Spirit, the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, employees, families and friends is our top priority. We are diligently monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and closely watching official information from health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) and World Health Organization (“WHO”) as it relates to our larger community and our events, camps and competitions. We are also taking proactive, preventative measures for all of our employees. General adoption of best practices as advised by the CDC is the best way to prevent the spread of any illness.

We understand that this is a fluid situation, and we have a dedicated response team working around the clock to make sure that we keep our participants and attendees updated as the situation evolves. We will continue to keep you updated, and any changes to upcoming events will be based on the direction of public health organizations like the CDC and the WHO, state and local health authorities, and event partners, among others.

Updated 5.11.20 Event Updates
With the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, family, friends and employees at the forefront, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Summit Championship events. Please know that we gave it our best efforts, but COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our world, and it has affected our cheer and dance community in ways we could not have imagined.

Refund information can be found below. We will be sending qualification banners to all programs that qualified with a bid, and we are working on plans to host a show on Varsity TV to recognize the many athletes that will not be able to participate in the 2020 Summit ChampionshipsInformation about ordering Summit Championship merchandise, including athlete participant medals, will be available in the coming weeks.  

Refund Information

Refund Information
Full refunds for the Summit Championships will be processed for all attendees as we cancel your registration, no need to request a refund. We underestimated the time frame in which we thought that we would be able to process refunds to our Summit customers. We are extremely sorry for any financial hardship and disappointment this has caused. Our team has been working hard to keep up, but we are still at least a month away from completing this task.

Here’s what we are doing to address it:
  • We have moved 100% of our customer service personnel to work solely on Summit refunds.
  • We are using additional staff from other departments to assist with Summit refunds.

Here’s how you can help ensure your refund is processed as quickly as possible:

  • Do not issue a charge back on your credit card – this prolongs the process tremendously.
  • Be sure that the credit card we have on file for you has not expired.

We are so sorry for the wait, but you can be sure that we are doing everything in our power to get your money back in your pocket as fast as we can.

Once your registration has been canceled, you can log in to your myVarsity account and follow the instructions below to view your registration has been refund amount:

  • Click on My Competition Registrations
  • Click on Invoice/Payments
  • Click on View/Print Invoice

Photo Gallery

The Varsity Pinnacle Award

The Varsity Pinnacle Award was created to recognize athletes that embody the core #AllStarStrong characteristics of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership at The Summit Championship. Prior to the events, coaches, friends, family and athletes had the chance to nominate a team or athlete that represented one of the main #AllStarStrong elements.

With over 1,200 nominations, these extraordinary cheerleaders and dancers were selected for going above and beyond, not only on their team but in their communities. Congratulations to the 2019 Varsity Pinnacle Award Winners!

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