The Summit


The Summit, founded by Varsity All Star in 2013 provides a unique experience for athletes in the non-Worlds divisions to compete against the best of the best in all levels of competition. Our Summit Championships continue to grow offering multiple paths for teams to have a competitive, prestigious and celebratory end to their season. We will continue to expand internationally by offering even more IASF divisions as introduced in 2018. Varsity All Star is committed to once again producing an innovative, prestigious, competitive and unforgettable end of the year experience for all levels both domestically and internationally.

2019 Summit Championship Information

More information regarding the 2019 Summit Championship will be added as it is available. Please check back here for updates.

NEW for 2019

  • The following International Divisions will be offered at The Summit:
    • International Open Coed Level 4
    • International Open Level 4
  • We will now advance FIVE teams straight to Finals from the Friday Wildcard round at both The Summit and The D2 Summit!