Scoring & Judges

Judges & Scoring

Varsity is proud to lead the way in all star scoring with the Varsity All Star scoring system. Our mission is to inspire teams to create all star routines that balance Difficulty with Technique and Performance and bring out the best in all of our athletes. The Scoring Committee updates the scoring system every year based on feedback from coaches, judges, and industry leaders. Over the past several years, the Varsity All Star Scoring System has become the standard in all star scoring, being utilized by almost every all star competition in the country.

Varsity All Star Scoring System - All Star Elite

Varsity All Star Scoring System - IASF Divisions

Teams competing in IASF divisions will be scored on the standard Varsity All Star score sheet, but the scores will be reweighted to more closely resemble the IASF score sheet used at The Summit and The Cheerleading Worlds. At all US-based, Varsity All Star events (including The Summit), teams must adhere to the USASF level rules when competing on the IASF score sheet.

Varsity All Star Scoring System - Global Cheer Divisions

Time Limit of Routine:

  • 30 second minimum to 40 second maximum for the opening Cheer portion
  • 20 second maximum to move from Cheer portion and set up for the music portion
  • 2:30 maximum for the music portion

Cheer Portion of Routine:
The Cheer portion of the routine MUST be completed before the music section of the routine.

Cheer Criteria:

  • Crowd Leading – Ability to lead the crowd
  • Crowd Effectiveness – Voice, Pace & Flow
  • Proper use of signs, poms, megaphones, flags & motion technique
  • Practical use of stunts/pyramids to lead the crowd
  • Execution

Varsity All Star Scoring System - All Star Novice

Novice teams will not compete against other teams. They will be rated, instead of ranked, and earn either a Superior, Excellent or Outstanding rating. The emphasis of the score sheet will be on the Technique Drivers as Difficulty is not evaluated.

Varsity All Star Dance Scoring System

All Varsity dance brands collaborated with dance coaches and judges to come up with a Varsity All Star Dance score sheet. The score sheet will be used at all Varsity All Star Dance competitions for this season.

Varsity Spirit Youth & Recreation Scoring

Click here to learn more about Varsity Spirit Youth & Recreation scoring.

Judges Membership Information

Varsity All Star Judges Membership is closed for the 2019-2020 season.