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About The D2 Summit

In 2014, American Cheer Power, a Varsity Spirit Brand, created the National Small Program Association (NSPA). The purpose of the NSPA is to help build successful small programs all around the country. It is their goal to help small gyms grow their programs and better prepare them to become successful businesses, as well as competitive programs. Cheer Power began implementing National Small Program Championships under the NSPA throughout the 2014-2015 competition season. Upon conclusion of the season, the official USASF definition of Division II (formerly Small Gym divisions) was released and it is defined as having one physical address for a gym location and having 125 athletes or less registered in a gym’s cheer program at the time of competition. With the momentum and success of The Summit and The Dance Summit in May 2015 and with the USASF definition of Division II, Varsity All Star created the D2 Summit Championship- exclusively for the 125 and under.

Health & Safety Update

Health & Safety Update

2020 Championship Information

Health & Safety Update

Click here to learn more about the Varsity Spirit health & safety update.

Secondary Program Athlete Release

All athletes participating on a team at The 2020 Summit Championships must be a registered member of that team’s program during the 2019-2020 competition season. Below you will find the form that will need to be completed and turned in on-site during The Summit registration process. Any athlete that has exhibitioned or competed on the floor at a USASF sanctioned event with a team in any level on the Primary Program from Feb. 1, 2020 – May 1, 2020 will be required to have a Varsity Spirit Program Release Waiver signed by the owner of the Primary Program before that athlete is eligible to compete with another program at the 2020 Summit Championships.

D2 Summit Divisions

Level Division Team Size
1 Youth Small
1 Youth Medium
1 Junior Small
1 Junior Medium
1 Senior Small
1 Senior Medium
2 Youth Small
2 Youth Medium
2 Junior Small
2 Junior Medium
2 Senior Small
2 Senior Medium
3 Youth Small
3 Youth Medium
3 Junior Small
3 Junior Medium
3 Senior Small
3 Senior Medium
3 Senior Coed Small
3 Senior Coed Medium
4 Youth Small
4 Youth Medium
4 Junior Small
4 Junior Medium
4 Senior Small
4 Senior Medium
4 Senior Coed Small
4 Senior Coed Medium
4.2 Senior Small
4.2 Senior Medium
4.2 Senior Coed Small
4.2 Senior Coed Medium
5 Youth Small
5 Youth Large
5 Junior Small
5 Junior Large
5 Junior Coed Small
5 Junior Coed Large
5 Senior Small
5 Senior Large
5 Senior Coed Small
5 Senior Coed Large
6 Junior Small
6 Junior Large
6 Junior Coed Small
6 Junior Coed Large
6 Senior XSmall
6 Senior Coed XSmall

*Once registration is FINAL – divisions will be combined per the USASF Guidelines.

D2 Summit FAQs

With the momentum and success of The Summit & The Dance Summit in May 2015 and with the USASF definition of Division II, Varsity All Star created The D2 Summit – exclusively for programs with 125 athletes and under. For the 2020 season, Varsity All Star is committed once again to producing an innovative, prestigious, competitive & unforgettable end of the year all levels experience.

Here are some things to know before you qualify.
*This is a working document and updates will be made throughout the season.

Click here to download the updated FAQs.

D2 Summit Testomonials

"'We first decided to take the climb about 3 years ago. We worked hard for several years to develop our program to be able to compete with this caliber of competition. We love the atmosphere and being able to compete against other incredible programs. We get to showcase what small gyms can bring to the floor and it develops comradery between the coaches, parents and athletes. The D2 Summit is more than just a competition, it’s something that brings programs and families together.'" Tracy DerrPennsylvania Elite
"'Come to the Summit! I think it’s an amazing experience not just for your athletes but to gain exposure and grow your business. Our program has grown tremendously because of the D2 Summit. The kids love the excitement and our athletes strive to compete against the best of the best across the county.'" Amity BerriosElite All Stars
"'Winning the D2 Summit is one of my favorite memories. We felt so honored to be competing with the incredible other teams and when they called our names and the confetti went everywhere we were thrilled. The parents went crazy and the faces of the kids is something that will always stay with me because all of their hard work paid off!'" Lori McPhersonMaine Stars
"'I want to go to the Summit because it’s an amazing experience. The Arena is so large and to have all eyes on you and your family cheering you on is magical. Getting to have fun at the parks and bonding with your team is great – It’s like going on a GIANT family vacation!'" Petyon DerrAthlete at Pennsylvania Elite
"'Each time that we have gone to the Summit, we have stayed on property and it’s really great for the experience and team bonding of the athletes. When looking at the financial value and convenience – park hoppers, accommodations and transportation all being arranged for you, there’s no better way to do Disney.'" Jordan TranParent
"'I think The Summit is a really important competition. It gives teams an end goal and a focal point to look forward to all season. Under that pressure, kids learn, grow and improve. The Summit teaches them how to work hard and come together to accomplish something incredible.'" David LenglingChoreographer
"'The experience we had at the 2019 D2 Summit was unlike any other for TAI athletes and staff and the TAI family. We brought all 4 age eligible teams to the D2 summit and came home with two second places finishes and two D2 NATIONAL CHAMPION titles. This is an unheard of accomplishment and an experience I wouldn't trade for the world! I can't thank this gym enough for what they have given my child.'" Kirsten StifflerTAI Parent

Registration Information

Online Registration

Online Registration for The D2 Summit is now open! Please read carefully before selecting your package.

A $100 per person deposit is required after your registration is submitted. Registrations will not be approved, or will hotel rooms be help without the deposit. Hotels may fill up after you submit your registration.

If you are a coach and would like to roster your team and register for the event, click here.
Coaches registering on line must mail in these forms after submitting registration:

If you are anyone registering separately from the team(coach, athlete, spectator), click here to register.
The team will have to be registered and approved (which means deposit received) before any individual registration can be submitted. You will need your team’s reservation number in order to proceed.

Coaches and athletes must be listed on the team roster in order to register individually and may select housing OR commuter. Spectators may select the housing option for themselves and the housing OR commuter option for their athlete. Spectators cannot register as commuters. If you are a spectator and need to order tickets, you may attach a ticket order to your athlete’s registration in the “Add On” section of the registration process or click here to order them separately.

Request a Registration Change: If you already have a reservation and need to make changes, you may request a change by signing back into your account and clicking on the “Request a Registration Change” request. The Coach who originally registered the team may also make changes to the Roster by clicking on “Request a Roster Change”. Changes are not confirmed until verified by Varsity. Click here to request a change.

Make an on-line Payment: If you already have a reservation and would like to make a payment, click here to sign in to your account and then click on “Invoice/Payment” button, then “Make Payments”.

Ticket Upgrades
If you would like to upgrade your Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option in advance the price is below. Waiting until you arrive at The Summit will cost an additional $15 per ticket and cause a delay in your registration process & wait times.

  • $112 – 2 Day to 3 Day OR 3 Day to 4 Day
  • $126 – 2 Day to 4 Day OR 3 Day to 5 Day

Please indicate this in the “add-on” section of the registration process OR if you have already registered, please submit a Change Request. Any extra tickets ordered on an existing registration must be paid for in full after the request has been submitted.

Discount Ticket Information

Discounted Magic Your Way Tickets with Park Hopper® Option: Valid May 6, 2020 – May 14, 2020 – See Prices and pick up dates and times below.
* Magic Your Way Tickets with Park Hopper® Option include five days admission into ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Click here to order Discounted Tickets!

If you are a spectator and do not need hotel reservations, you may pre-order tickets. (Note: If you are a registered coach, athlete or spectator and you need additional tickets, please indicate those on your actual registration.) Pre-order is available through Tuesday, April 28, 2020. A limited number of tickets will be available for sale at a higher rate in Orlando on a first come first served basis. Full payment is required.

Ticket Prices:

Ticket Options Pre-Order Price On-Site Price
3 Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option $356.00 $371.00
4 Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper®Option $468.00 $483.00
5 Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper®Option $482.00 $497.00
Celebration Party $45.00 $45.00 while supplies last
Water Park $45.00 Pre-Order ONLY
Meal Voucher $17.00 Pre-Order ONLY

*Note: Meal Vouchers only valid for one entrée and beverage per voucher at designated Theme Park dining locations. Lunch or Dinner only, no breakfast or dessert.

Tickets may be picked up at The Summit during registration hours, location TBD.

Day Date Time
Wednesday May 6th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday May 7th 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday May 8th 7:00 am – 8:00 pm*
Saturday May 9th 7:00 am – Noon (Championship Office)

*If you arrive after 8:00 pm on Friday night, the Championship Office at Celebrity Hall will be open until 10:00 pm.

Pre-Ordered tickets must be picked up no later than Noon on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Transportation is not included with ticket purchases. You must be registered on the Travel Package to receive transportation to any of The D2 Summit activities/events.

Hotel, Travel & Ticket FAQs

We can’t wait to see you at The D2 Summit. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you prepare to register.
Click here to download a printable version.


What is the advantage of purchasing the Travel Package?
It is not required that you attend The D2 Summit on the Travel Package. The two main reasons teams purchase the package are convenience and savings.

  • Convenience – Everything is handled for you. Disney’s Magical Express® will pick you up and take you back to the airport. There is no hassle of renting vans or cars and finding drivers. Hotel registration is smoother and rooms are guaranteed. The D2 Summit office works together with the Walt Disney World® Resort to block your rooms so your entire group stays together.
    • If you book your own trip, you have to:
      • Step 1: Call travel Agency or airlines (which could take hours).
      • Step 2: Send in deposit for airline tickets.
      • Step 3: Call several hotels to get room rates and availability.
      • Step 4: Guarantee all rooms using person credit card for deposit.
      • Step 5: Send your rooming list to the hotel.
      • Step 6: Call car rental agencies to find out rates and regulations of drivers.
      • Step 7: Fill out registration form for The D2 Summit and mail in with registration fees
    • If you book with The Quest you need to:
      • Step 1: Call Altour or your local travel agent to book flights.
      • Step 2: Register online at
  • Savings– Because of our partnership with the Walt Disney World® Resort, The D2 Summit is able to negotiate discounted rates for hotel rooms and Theme Park tickets.

In which hotel will we be staying?
Value accommodations will be provided at Disney’s All Star Resort and Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Moderate accommodations will be provided at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort & Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. In the event that the Walt Disney World® Resorts sell out of rooms, The D2 Summit will try to make arrangements with an alternate hotel off property. PLEASE NOTE: Hotels may fill up prior to posted deadlines.

We have parents who would like to come to the Championship. Can they sign up for The D2 Summit Travel Package?
Of course! A lot of coaches meet with the parents and include them on the travel package with their team. However, we encourage family members and friends to register with us directly.

We have an uneven number of girls. Can we pay the quad rate for three girls in a room?
No. The travel package prices have been calculated according to how many people are in each room.

Can we have five people in a room?
No. The Resorts do not allow more than four people to a room.

We are arriving in Lake Buena Vista at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, will our hotel rooms be ready?
Most hotels do not guarantee check in until 4:00 p.m. However, if there are rooms ready in your block, the hotel will check you in early. Please be sure to communicate this to your entire group that is traveling with you.

Our team doesn’t leave Lake Buena Vista until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday. What can we do all day?
Hotel check out is at 11:00 a.m. If you would like, you can take a Walt Disney World® Resort shuttle bus to Disney SpringsTM to shop. The hotel will be glad to store these items for you, but you will be responsible for picking them up before you depart.

How do I request a refund?
Refunds will be issued after the event is over and must be requested in writing no later than 30 days after the event is over. Refund requests may be emailed to your registration specialist. The average processing time for a refund is 4 weeks from the date the request is received. Refunds are not issued unless a written request is received.

If we stay off the Travel Package and commute can we use The D2 Summit bus transportation?
No. Transportation is only provided for those purchasing the travel package.



When will we receive our Walt Disney World® Resort Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option for the Championship?
You receive your tickets when you register with The D2 Summit at Celebrity Hall.

Do we use our Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® for competition?
In addition to Park admission each Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option purchased through The D2 Summit, also has admission into ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This is NOT considered a theme park admission, and therefore does not use a day on your Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option.

What does “Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option” mean?
A Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option enables you to visit more than one park a day.

Will attending The Summit Celebration Party take days off of my Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper®Option?
For the Championship Celebration Party Sunday evening at Magic Kingdom® Park, a day will not be taken off of your Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper®Option. Please Note: YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND TO ATTEND ALL PARTIES.

If we do not use all three or two days of our Walt Disney World® tickets, may we use them next year?
No. All of the discounted tickets sold at The D2 Summit have an expiration date that is listed on the back of your ticket.

Do spectators have to purchase a Walt Disney World® Resort Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper®Option in order to watch competition at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex?
No! If you are only going to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, you may purchase a ticket at the door for $40 per day per person. However, if you purchase a Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper®Option from The D2 Summit, it includes admission into the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex as well as all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks.

Are there discounted park tickets available for family and friends not on the travel package?
Yes, there are three different tickets.

Ticket Option Pre-Order On-Site
3 Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option $356.00 $371.00
4 Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option $468.00 $483.00
Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option $482.00 $497.00

Walt Disney World® Resort Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option are valid for unlimited admission into the Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park as well as three days of admission into the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. These tickets DO NOT include The D2 Summit bus transportation to the parks.

How do I find out when and where my team competes?
A detailed order of competition will be posted at in late April. The detailed order of competition will tell you the location and exact times that your team will report backstage, take pictures, warm up, and compete.

How can parents pick up tickets is athletes are registered under coach name (on 1 invoice)?
Parents must register their athlete themselves if they would like to pick up their athlete’s tickets.

Have a Question?

Do you have a question about your registration? Contact your Registration Specialist based on the first letter of your team’s name. If your program stars with:

Photo Gallery

2019 Championship Information


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Universal Event Photography

Universal Event Photography is the official photography provider of The D2 Summit. To order pictures from the 2019 D2 Summit Championship, click here!

The Varsity Pinnacle Award

The Varsity Pinnacle Award was created to recognize athletes that embody the core #AllStarStrong characteristics of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership. Prior to the events, coaches, friends, family and athletes had the chance to nominate a team or athlete that represented one of the main #AllStarStrong elements.

With over 1200 nominations, these extraordinary cheerleaders and dancers were selected for going above and beyond, not only on their team but in their communities. Congratulations to the 2019 Varsity Pinnacle Award Winners!

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