Varsity Partnership Opportunities are as varied as our sponsors.  We are committed to customizing a sponsor program uniquely positioned for our clients and their individual marketing needs.  This can include competition brand mentions, social media mentions, signage and a variety of other strategic spotlight positions.


The Largest Footprint of Cheer & Dance
Camps in the U.S. Provides Nationwide Impact!

  • Prime opportunities for product education and sampling across the country
  • Over 5,000 camps in 50 states
  • 350,000 participants in camp programs
    • Mostly high school and middle school teams, age ranging from 12-18 years old

Find a Varsity Spirit camp near you

Find a Varsity Spirit camp near you


Great Venues, Media Coverage and Customized Activation Opportunities!

  • 25 Premier Championship events for Collegiate, High School and All Star cheerleaders and dancers
  • 2,300,000 athletes and spectators
  • 300 Regionals, competitions and invitationals
  • 900,000 participants with over 1.4M spectators
  • 7 Nationally televised events
  • ESPN & ESPN2— 100 million homes CBS Sports Network — 50 million subscriber homes 28 hours combined total airtime

Find a Varsity Spirit competition near you

Find a Varsity Spirit competition near you

UCA & UDA ESPN DATES with Varsity Spirit

Sales Reps in Schools

Varsity Spirit Fashion is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of cheerleading and dance team uniforms.

  • Over 5oo Varsity Spirit Fashion representatives across the United States and internationally
  •  Serve thousands of youth leagues, middles schools, high schools, colleges and gyms
  • 1-on- 1 design consultations, custom sizing for each unique athlete, camp and competition guidance and much more
  • Sales Reps are Varsity’s number one brand ambassadors

Digital is the leader in cheerleading and dance news around the world. Content covers a broad range of topics from summer camp and how-to’s, to philanthropy and the newest apparel.

  • 1.5 million monthly page views

Varsity TV
Varsity TV is the place to access Varsity Spirit live events, original documentaries, technique videos and more, via an annual or monthly subscription.

  • 1.2 million monthly views

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partners have a longtime history of connecting and engaging alongside some of America’s most spirited and influential centennial leaders and their parents.

  • Walt Disney World® Resort – Since 1995, 300,000 Varsity participants and their families annually.
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Since 2011, Varsity Brands has raised over $11.5 million dollars.
  • ESPN – Since 1983, 8 Million estimated viewers.
  • Great Wolf Lodge – Since 2009, over 200,000 cheerleaders and dancers have attended a camp at Great Wolf Lodge.

Influencer Teams

Our Varsity All Star Fashionistas and Fashion Guys are a group of all star athletes that are chosen to represent Varsity All Star Fashion in catalogs, videos, marketing campaigns and more. This diverse group consists of athletes with different looks, backgrounds, and personalities that have a passion for all star cheerleading, and are excited to represent Varsity Spirit and its partners throughout the season.

Our Varsity Ambassadors are our social media brand ambassadors and represent Varsity Spirit on a variety of social platforms, with an emphasis on Instagram and TikTok. This group is comprised of junior high, high school and college students, athletes and band members!

Our College Collective is a prestigious group of athletes who represent their collegiate cheer and dance teams. This group has been selected to represent the Varsity Spirit brand for their role as a leader and inspiration to younger athletes.

Our Varsity Selects is an elite group cheerleaders and dancers who share a passion for the Varsity Spirit brand. They are active athletes at all levels who believe in the past, present and future of cheer and dance.

Together, these groups make up our Influencer Team. We appreciate all of these members for their passion that they have toward the experiences they have had with our brand!

Varsity University

Varsity University, an enterprise powered by Varsity Brands, offers comprehensive educational programming to schools and athletic programs worldwide. Through a combination of specialized online courses and in-person seminars, Varsity University provides the resources necessary for educators, coaches and gym owners to enhance the student experience.

  • Last year, Varsity University brought education to 5,000 attendees
  • Varsity University provides education for coaches, athletes, gym owners, and parents

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Varsity Performing Arts

Varsity Performing Arts, made up of Director’s Showcase International, Stanbury Uniforms and SA Feather, brings together the sights and sounds of the school through traditions, leadership training and community involvement. Varsity Performing Arts fuels the passion and spirit found in every high school across America, on every sideline, in every halftime show, of every season

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Partners Who Have Cheered With Us