The Dance Summit


The Dance Summit is moving into its fifth year at the Coronado Springs Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on May 4-5, 2019. The Dance Summit is designed to give the most competitive non Worlds dance teams the chance to show they are the best in the country. Dance teams can earn a bid to The Dance Summit from 70 of the top All Star Dance competitions Varsity has to offer. The Dance Summit is the largest end of the year Dance competition in the All Star market and what a magical place to end your season but Disney World!

2019 Dance Summit Information

More information regarding the 2019 Summit Championship will be added as it is available. Please check back here for updates.

2019 Dance Summit Divisions

2018 – 2019 Dance Summit Divisions       
 Tiny  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop
Small Mini  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop  Kick  Variety  Lyrical
Large Mini  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop   Kick  Variety  Lyrical
Small Youth  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop   Kick  Variety  Lyrical
 Large Youth  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop   Kick  Variety  Lyrical
Junior Coed  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop   Kick  Variety  Lyrical
Small Junior  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop   Kick  Variety  Lyrical
Large Junior  Jazz  Pom  Hip Hop   Kick  Variety  Lyrical
 Small Senior   Kick  Variety
Large Senior   Kick  Variety
Small Senior Coed   Kick  Variety
Large Senior Coed   Kick  Variety
Small Open   Kick  Variety
Large Open  Kick Variety
Small Open Coed  Kick Variety
Large Open Coed  Kick Variety
Open Male  Kick Variety