Click here to review Varsity Spirit’s Commitment to Safety and the protocols we have in place with athlete safety top of mind.

At Varsity Spirit and Varsity All Star, the health and safety of athletes is our top priority.  Varsity Spirit is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for it’s participant’s physical, emotional, and social development, and promoting an environment free from abuse and misconduct.

Report Misconduct immediately when aware.
USA Cheer School Reporting
USASF All-Star Reporting Resources
Varsity University Coaches Education
Coaches’ Education

Varsity Spirit’s coaches’ education is powered by our
partners in education – USA Cheer, the USASF, the
NFHS and Varsity University. In addition to education
and credentialing programs offered by USA Cheer and
USASF to its members, Varsity Spirit also provides the
coaches training and Varsity University.



Athlete Safety & Well-being is Top Priority

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