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Varsity is proud to introduce the 2023-2024 Varsity Youth & Recreation Scoring System. Our mission is to inspire teams to balance difficulty with technique to bring out the best in all of our athletes.

General Documents

Traditional Recreation

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Level Appropriate Documents

Required Forms

Please fill out & submit each of these forms before attending a Varsity Spirit event.

Recreation Scoring Inquiry

Please utilize the link below to submit a Recreation Scoring Inquiry.
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USA Cheer Membership Requirement

The USA Cheer Coach Membership includes a background check and education in the area of Concussions, Heat Illness Prevention, Athlete Protection, First Aid, and General Coaching. The USA Cheer Coach Membership is available at a minimal cost of $35/year. This must be completed each year to retain eligibility for Varsity events. The USA Cheer Coach Membership also requires the Youth Safety & Risk Management Certification which is good for two years and is available for $10 with your membership discount! Each year your fee is $35. Every other year your fee will be $45. We look forward to providing a Membership for your athletes safety.

The USA Cheer Coach Membership is available on the USA Cheer website. Depending on credentials you may already have, completion of all course requirements should take no more than 2 hours. The background check may take up to 10 days to be processed and returned. Once your membership is complete, you can print or save your membership card or display it on your mobile device at event registration. This requirement stems from Varsity Spirit’s commitment to creating a safe environment for athletes as they pursue their passion. If you have questions, please contact us  here.

Since our founding, Varsity Spirit has been committed to the health and safety of our athletes and the education of their coaches. Last year Varsity Spirit required one USA Cheer Coach Membership per team. This year Varsity Spirit will require every coach have the USA Cheer Coach Membership prior to your first event.  Like last year, each coach will need to show their USA Cheer Membership Card upon arrival at the event’s registration

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