The Quest

Recreational Championship
03/13/20 – 03/14/20
Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

About The Quest

The Quest Recreational Championship is the most competitive and prestigious end-of-season event for Rec & Youth Cheer. Teams will earn Paid Bids and At-Large Bids to The Quest during the season at several Varsity Spirit events. This exclusive event will be held at The ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex at the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida. The Quest will feature the nation’s top Rec teams from across the country.

2020 Championship Information

Championship Bid Information

More information regarding the 2020 Quest Recreational Championship will be added as it is available. Please check back here for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to compete at The Quest?
Rec Cheer or Youth Organization teams are eligible to compete at The Quest. Teams must be affiliated with an organization such as YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, City/Community Youth Organization, Pop Warner Association or other community run program. Teams that are not affiliated with an organization will go through a verification process. Teams can not be affiliated with an All Star program. Teams must compete and receive a bid in the qualified Rec divisions at qualifying events.

When will Travel Packages be available?
Information on Travel Packages that include hotel, transportation & Walt Disney World® Park Hoppers will be available soon.

What types of bids will be offered for The Quest Bids?
Teams will have the opportunity to earn both Paid & At-Large bids to The Quest Recreational Championship.

What is an At-Large Bid?
An At-Large bid is an invitation to compete at this prestigious event. The costs associated with the event will be the responsibility of the team to pay.

What is a Paid Bid?
A Paid Bid is an invitation to compete at this prestigious event with the registration costs & accommodations covered by Varsity Spirit.

If an athlete from our bid winning team can’t make it to The Quest, are we allowed to replace them with another athlete?
You may not compete with more than the number of athletes that you qualify with. You can compete with less as long as it keeps you in the same division. You will only be able to replace 25% of your roster from the time you received your bid until you compete at The Quest. Example: A team of 22 competes and receives a bid, they can only replace 7 athletes (6.25 is 25% and we always round up) at the time of The Quest competition.

Are Crossovers allowed at The Quest?
Athletes will not be allowed to compete on more than 2 cheer teams at The Quest Recreational Championship. Athletes competing at The Quest are not eligible to compete at The Summit Championships.

Participants may only represent one organization. Participants must pay an additional registration fee for each additional team performance. However, if there is an athlete that is on a Paid bid team and crossing over to another Paid Bid team there will be no crossover fee applied. Only if an athlete is on a Paid Bid team as well as an At-Large bid team will that athlete will be required to pay the crossover fee.

Upgrading Bids:
Once your team accepts an At-Large bid for The Quest, that At-Large bid can be upgraded to a Paid bid.

*Event Producers have the right to investigate all teams receiving a bid to The Quest. Bid eligible teams and divisions will be reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy to ensure each team has the same opportunity.

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