#VarsityRome Day 5 – The Vatican

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If you read yesterday’s journey in Rome, there was a lot of suspense leading up to where we were heading next – The Vatican!

Vatican City is its own city/state surrounded by Rome, Italy, and is home to the Pope. It is the official headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, and houses the Vatican Museum, The Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica.

It was unbelievable how silent such a large group could be, and how many jaws were scraping the surface as the All-Americans and spectators were enamored by the Vatican’s beauty. Between the original marble structures, 3-D paintings, unique detail that went into each and every piece of art, history came alive. Each piece was visual. Each piece had a voice. Each piece told a story, a story that lives on through thousands of years. Some things simply speak for themselves!

The All-Americans ended the afternoon strolling the streets of St Peter’s Square, taking advantage of each pasta dish, slice of authentic Italian pizza, and delicious gelato they could find. St. Peters Basilica made the perfect backdrop for every photo op as well!

This group wrapped up 2018 with a large group dinner in our hotel, reminiscing about the week, 2018 as a whole, and what’s to come. In typical New Year’s Eve fashion, the night had to end with a dance party and countdown into 2019!

Happy New Year! It’s Parade Day!

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