Summer Camp is Still Packed with Fun

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Summer camp may look a little different than in previous years. Whether your team is going totally virtual or you’re able to have a socially distanced camp, you’ll still bond as a team and make memories that will last a lifetime. Check out these creative ideas that are being used at camp to ensure you’re having fun and staying safe:

  • Mask decorating contest
    • Everyone brings in a plain colored mask and supplies to decorate it with—think rhinestones, puffy paint, ribbon, etc. After a certain time limit (10-15 minutes) everyone votes on whose mask is their favorite!
  • Sani Checks
    • Designate someone on the team (or the staff) to call a random “sani check!” every 20 minutes or so. Everyone must quickly go to their bags and sanitize, then get right back to what they were doing without missing a beat.
  • Claim Your Spot
    • Everyone on the team ‘claims’ their spot in the gym. Each spot is at least six feet apart and each team member places something at their sport to represent them. Go around to each spot and guess who it belongs to.
  • Hand Sanitizer Relay Race
    • Split your squad in half or thirds. Each team stands in a single file line and gets a bottle of hand sanitizer. Each member of the team must sanitize their hands before passing the bottle to the next person in line. The team that has sanitized hands first wins!
  • Virtual Home Camp Scavenger Hunt
    • Have you coach or staff make a list of cheer or dance items you may have laying around the house. Start a timer and whoever can gather the most items gathered in 5 minutes is the winner!
  • Masked Personality
    • Draw your smile or a word that best describes you on your mask!
  • The Last Detail
    • Divide into groups of two and have them study one another from head to toe.  Give them 30 seconds to turn around and change something about themselves, then face one another again and guess what’s different.
  • Commonalities
    • Get into groups of three and find three things (not physical) in common with one another. Afterwards share your commonalities with the group.
  • Biggest Fan
    • Rock / Paper / Scissors in pairs. “Loser” stands behind the winner and they find another duo to duel with.  Only the front people play, but those behind them become their “cheering section.”  Losing duo joins the train, and so on until the top two players each have half the camp cheering for them in the final showdown.

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