America Needs Spirit Leaders Now More than Ever

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Now more than ever, America needs spirit leaders.

The role of a spirit leader goes far beyond leading the crowd on the sidelines or taking the floor as an athlete on competition day. It’s about being a positive light and leader in your community, no matter the circumstances. These are unprecedented times and cheerleaders and dancers across America can act in the spirit of shared sacrifice—maybe for some it was not ending your season as planned— for others, it’s learning to adapt to a new virtual reality for school and practices. No matter the challenge, we must all decide to rise and face each situation as leaders. We can do this by taking a deeper look into each role and reminding ourselves what it really means to be a spirit leader:

Crowd Leader – At games, our primary role is to rally the crowd and support the success of others. Because most sporting events are taking an extended timeout, we must refocus our efforts to the people who need our support right now. Reach out to your local hospitals, fire/police stations and other essential businesses that are staying open to see how you can help these local heroes who are working on the front lines.

Spirit Raiser – Spirit lives in the heart of every cheerleader and dancer – whether you are at school or staying at home. Check in on your family members, friends and neighbors – especially if they live alone or are immune-compromised. A quick text message, phone call or video chat can bring spirit to someone’s day.

Ambassador – When this is all over, (and yes, it will be over someday!) everyone is going to remember the people who simply did the right thing. During these uncertain times, it is important to act as a role model to others. Listen to what your local government and community leaders are asking you to do to stay safe and healthy and encourage others to do the same.

Athlete – Although you may not be able to go to practice or participate in your normal workout routine, this is not the time to slack off on healthy habits. If your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, your risk of illness and injury increases. Continue to fill your body with the right fuel. Stay active by going on a walk or run outside or do an at-home workout. (Did somebody say indoor-phins?!)

Entertainer – Even though you might not be entertaining the crowd from the sidelines right now, you can still entertain your friends and family on social media. Sharing a positive post during a time where social media feeds are filled with uncertainty will put a smile on your follower’s faces and act as a beacon of hope.

Even if it’s been awhile since you retired the pom poms or did your last standing tuck, the power of spirit lives in your heart – forever. America needs you right now – so go out there and be that spirited soul.

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