2016 NCA & NDA All-Star National Championship

2016 NCA & NDA All-Star National Championship

2016 All-Star Nationals InstaAlbum

Downtown in the heart of Dallas, Texas, 1,285 teams made the journey to the most prestigious and competitive all-star cheerleading championship in the world. The months of work, hours of practice, teamwork and athletic skill were put to the test over two days of challenging competition. All eyes were on NCA All-Star Nationals, as the 25,000 athletes took the mat and demonstrated their skill and determination in front of over 50,000 fans and spectators. For competitive cheerleaders this was the ultimate moment of glory and the true test of champions.

The event was brought to life by every coach, athlete and fan in attendance. And as the competition came to a close, everyone invloved shared something in common – they were a part of something BIG.  The mysterious hashtag “CallingNCAAllStars” brought together the individuals’ adventures and documented the bigger picture of what All-Star Nationals is really about. Athletes were asked to take a photo, use the hashtag and wait…we promised something special – and we didn’t disappoint.

That’s right, the 2016 “InstaAlbum” was created by the athletes themselves. Now, how cool is that?

To view the masterpiece, follow @FacesOfNationals2016 on Instagram! Welcome to the unexpected and impressive, 2016 edition of the All-Star Nationals InstaAlbum.

As you scroll through the account, you’ll see that the photos are spliced, but piece perfectly together to create a seamless mosaic. Without each and every photo contributed by the athletes, this project wouldn’t be possible. Much like the championship itself. The photo journey tells a story from the participants’ perspective about the most prestigious cheer competition in the world.

“Why follow the account,” you ask? Well, this story has only just begun. Stick around for more volumes, as we continue to document the efforts and dedication of passionate athletes.