Your climb to The 2023 D2 Summit starts NOW. Important championship information can be found below in the event Information Guide. Additional details and pricing will be coming soon. We look forward to seeing you Conquer the Climb with your program this season.

2023 Information Guide

2023 Information Guide

2023 Championship Information

Hotel Travel Package & Pricing Information

More information about the Hotel Travel Package and Pricing will be available in the Fall.

Secondary Program Release

All athletes participating on a team at The 2023 D2 Summit must be a registered member of that team’s program during the 2022-2023 competition season. Any athlete that exhibitions or competes on the floor with a team in any level from a program (Primary Program) after January 1, 2022 must have a Varsity Spirit Program Release Waiver signed by the owner of the Primary Program before that athlete is eligible to compete with another program at The 2023 D2 Summit Championships.

Completion of the Varsity Spirit Program Release Waiver is a required process between the Primary and Secondary Program owners. In the event a formal protest is made and the official Program Release Waiver has not been signed, or if the Secondary Program is not able to provide one as physical proof to a Varsity Official, the Secondary Program will not be eligible or will be disqualified depending on the time of the formal protest. All Varsity Spirit Program Release Waivers must be turned in with your official USASF event roster at The D2 Summit.

  • Varsity Spirit Program Release Waiver – Coming Soon