Why NCA Staff?

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Why NCA Staff?

Being an NCA Instructor is more than teaching cheers or showcasing incredible skills. It is empowering young cheerleaders with the confidence they need to become leaders in their schools and communities. Taking on that responsibility is something NCA Staff proudly do from the moment they put on that red, white and blue uniform for the first time. The NCA letters are a symbol of tradition, an emblem of integrity and a bond that brings staff together working a job they love.

So, why do NCA Staff do what they do? What is the “why” behind the shield they wear on their uniform? We have some of our NCA Instructors here to tell you why they shine the shield each summer and why you should Apply for NCA Staff!

“I can still remember my first NCA camp in 7th grade, watching opening rally for the first and being in complete amazement of staff. I still remember the name of my buddy that summer and every summer after that. I can even tell you who gave me my first All-American Nominee ribbon. Summer after summer I went to NCA Camp and every year my thought was the same, I wanted to be a part of the NCA Staff.

I keep coming back every year to work NCA Summer Camps because of the ¨why’s¨. The ¨why’s” are the memories and achievements that I watch happen during the summer and continue into the school year. The ¨why’s¨ are the memories that I make with other NCA Instructors. It’s about the friends that become your family; the family that you didn’t know you needed. It’s getting to a camp and having your old buddy teams run up to you because they are so excited to see you. It’s the coaches that you worked the year before, eager to see you and tell you all about their season last year. It’s about the excitement of getting your buddies for the week and seeing how happy they are to have you as their NCA Instructor. It’s learning young cheerleaders’ names and what their goals are for camp. It’s the feeling of working with a team that so badly wants to hit a new stunt and watching the excitement when they do. It’s about dancing in a field with other athletes and staff members in the heat of the summer with and having the best time ever. It’s the long days of working hard and the nights full of laughing with friends. It’s about night three of camp watching your buddies do the shower of praise and seeing them so bond together.

So yes, NCA is about teaching the basics of cheer, dances and new stunts; but it’s also so much more. It’s about creating memories, inspiring young athletes, creating bonds, traveling and learning life skills such as being organized, time management, leadership and professionalism. It’s all of that rolled into some of the most amazing memories you will make and cherish. I’m not sure where my life would be without NCA in it but one thing I know for sure is that I will never forget all the amazing memories that NCA has given me and most importantly all the reasons WHY I continue to shine the shield for this amazing company year after year.” – NCA Lexi

“I love being an NCA Instructor because of the athletes. When I see athletes grow with their team, learn something new, and achieve their goals, I feel proud to be part of that impact. My passion and dedication to cheerleading led me to join the NCA Staff. I want to be a positive role model, and NCA has provided me that opportunity. The NCA environment is encouraging and inclusive for all athletes and staffers. I also love the long-lasting friendships I have made because the NCA Instructors that have become my family!” – NCA Tiana




“Since I was young, I always looked up to NCA Staff and aspired to be a part of a team that pushed young cheerleaders to be the best athletes and leaders they could be, inside and out. Once I became a part of staff, I realized it was so much more than a summer job of teaching cheerleading. NCA teaches skills that are useful outside of camp and connects you to people from all over the state, sometimes even the nation. Being on NCA Staff gives you the opportunity to work with people who share the same passion as you and the opportunity to see new places. Most importantly, it is a family who loves and supports one another year-round and even past your time on staff. NCA Staff is and always will be a group of people that I know will be there for me no matter what.” – NCA Victoria



“When I first joined staff in 2017 I was really excited to become part of NCA because I was always so inspired by staff when I went to camps in high school. Little did I know I was about to meet the most amazing people and work with remarkable athletes from all over the nation.

What really set the tone for my experience with NCA was both my first staff meeting and my first camp. As a rookie you are excited to learn how to be a great staff member and I was luckily always surrounded by colleagues that were extremely helpful and welcoming. This allowed me to step into the role of a staff member with a feeling like I belonged in the NCA family. Also, taking on that first camp was amazing. The feeling you get when you hit at opening rally and when you get to work with your buddy teams and watch them grow is indescribable.

I continue to come back to NCA every summer because of all the amazing relationships I have with my friends on staff. Additionally, I have a passion for teaching and cheerleading which makes being on NCA Staff the best job ever!” – NCA Christian


“NCA staff is the greatest family to belong to. Honestly, it’s hard for me to remember at times how long I have known some members on staff because I feel like they have been my best friends my whole life. NCA Summer Camp is something I look forward to all year long because it means being reunited with some of the most genuine, energetic, amazing people I’ve ever met! When summer rolls around and you are back together it’s almost like you never left. NCA Staff has allowed me to manifest relationships that will last a lifetime. I can already think of the huge staff reunion that will happen at my wedding one day! Not only are they awesome people but they are so incredibly talented and knowledgeable. I love getting to learn different styles and teaching techniques from staff all over the country.” – NCA Lindsey


Are you ready to apply to be an NCA Instructor? Visit varsity.com/nca/staff to start your application today. Applications are due January 2nd, 2021.

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