Born into All-Star Cheerleading

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For Wendy Ayers, NCA All-Star Nationals isn’t just a time to showcase a season full of hard work, it is also a reminder of the first memories she has with her daughter, Mili. On the night before NCA 2017, Wendy received news that her adopted daughter was cleared to fly from Hawaii to Dallas to be united with her forever family. After a 9 hour overnight flight with her father, Mili was brought to the Omni Hotel in order to meet her sister for the first time.

At just weeks old, Mili was already wide-awake and bright eyed as she watched the Cheer Central Suns world’s teams compete in the Arena. You might think the loud music and screaming fans would be overwhelming for a newborn, but not for Mili. She was fast asleep by the end of the day, the first sign that this little girl was born to be an all-star cheerleader.

Fast forward to 2019. Mili accompanied her mother’s team to Dallas once again, this time with a little more experience under her belt. After two years of watching practices, stunting with her sister and dancing along to cheer music, Mili was ready to experience Dallas for the third time just weeks after her second birthday. From cheering on her sister in the Arena to reading the letters “N-C-A” from her mom’s sweatshirt, Mili was born to be a part of the all-star cheerleading world.

We can’t wait to see Mili compete for herself one day at NCA All-Star Nationals!

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