The race for the cup is back – but bigger and better!

The West Coast Cup is back!

New this season, Varsity All Star will be following team’s journeys at key West Region events as they battle to take home The West Coast Cup. The West Coast Cup will be awarded to Elite Cheerleading teams who win The American Grand – Grand Nationals, Spirit Sports Grand Nationals and USA All Star Super Nationals.

The American Grand – Las Vegas – Grand Nationals

12/15/23 – 12/17/23 (600 League Point Event)

Spirit Sports – Palm Springs – Grand Nationals

2/2/24 – 2/4/24 (600 League Point Event)

USA All Star – Anaheim – Super Nationals

3/23/24 – 3/25/24 (700 League Point Event)


Teams must compete at all three qualifying events to be eligible and teams must win* their division to remain in the race for the cup. Eligible teams will be identified after each qualifying event on The West Coast Cup website.

The West Coast Cup will recognize both DI and DII divisions. For divisions that are not split DI/DII, the highest scoring DI and DII team in the non-split division will be considered the “division winners” for The West Coast Cup tracking.

For example, if L1 Youth is not split DI/DII at one of the participating events, the highest scoring DI L1 Youth team and DII L1 Youth team will both remain in the chase for the Cup – but only one L1 Youth will be recognized as a division winner at the participating event if the division is not split (The West Coast Cup standing does not make teams eligible for any prizes or awards offered at the participating events).

Teams must meet individual event registration deadlines and requirements to attend. If you are not registered for an event that is oversold or waitlisted, the race for the cup will not guarantee your ability to attend the event.

Awards & Recognition

Teams that earn The West Coast Cup will be awarded a Team Banner at USA All Star Super Nationals. And teams will receive special recognition and additional awards at The West Regional Summit in Phoenix, AZ on April 12-14, 2024.

Teams participating in the race for The West Coast Cup will also collect point to compete in The League to track their success regionally and nationally.


Please contact Mandy Ellis (MEllis@varsity.com) with any questions regarding The West Coast Cup.