February 10, 2023
Louisville, KY

About The Dance MAJORS

The Dance MAJORS is the most selective Dance competition in the world. To be selected for this prestigious event, programs must be considered the “Best of the Best” in the Senior/Open age groups. The Dance MAJORS will showcase the highest level of Dancers by giving programs ONE chance to bring their best performance to the floor.

The Dance MAJORS is a show unlike any other – it will create the buzz that will make the dance world want to stop to watch this elite display of talent, skills, and performance. No Divisions, No Categories, No splits! All invitees go head-to-head because there can only be ONE Dance MAJORS CHAMPION!

2023 Event Information

Event Information

2023 Event Information:

Where: Louisville, KY

Who: The Top Programs in the Senior/Open age groups

When: February 10, 2023

Watch: LIVE on Varsity TV

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2023 Dance MAJORS Programs

Meet the best programs in the United States that have accepted the challenge to compete at the Inaugural Dance MAJORS!

  • Adrenaline Studio
  • Brio Studios
  • Dance Athletics
  • Dance Dynamics
  • Dancin Bluebonnets
  • Dollhouse Dance Factory
  • Energizers
  • Footnotes Fusion
  • Foursis Dance Academy
  • Legendary Athletics
  • Next Level Dance Co
  • Pittsburgh Pride All Stars
  • Starz Dance Academy
  • The Vision Dance Center
  • Ultimate All Stars

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Fequently Asked Questions

What is The Dance MAJORS?
The Dance MAJORS is the most exclusive invitational competition in the All Star Dance industry that will showcase the TOP dance programs/teams in the country.

How were the teams competing at The Dance MAJORS selected?
The selection process is based on reviewing the results from several MAJOR competitions held over the past several seasons and looking at the overall historical success of the programs.

How is the The Dance MAJORS Champion selected?
All invitees go head-to-head. There are no divisions, no categories, and no splits, because there can only be ONE Dance MAJORS CHAMPION.

How can I watch The Dance MAJORS?
Varsity TV will be streaming The Dance MAJORS 2023 LIVE from Louisville, KY. Coverage will include live-streaming competition coverage, highlights, interviews, routine videos, results and more. Become a Varsity TV member today for unlimited access!

Watch Live

Join Varsity TV and tune-in to watch live streaming coverage of every performance! Visit the event hub for exclusive event coverage including on-demand routine videos, interviews, highlights, results and more! Click here for more information.

Varsity Footwear

The 2023 Dance MAJORS will be show unlike any other – you will not want to miss this elite display of talent, skills, and performances. All invitees go head-to-head because there can only be ONE Dance MAJORS CHAMPION!  Winner takes it all, including three new pairs of Varsity Footwear!

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