Pinnacle Peek 👀 – William, Jakiyza, Maggie & Charlene

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The Varsity Pinnacle Award is moving from coast to coast this weekend! Learn about our incredible winners from North Carolina all the way to California and maybe you too, will be recognized as #AllStarStrong.

Jakiyza Franks – Universal Spirit – Charlotte, NC

Jakiyza Franks is a first year Allstar Cheerleader with Extreme Cheer and Tumble, and in only eight short months, he has gone from a level 1 tumbler to one of the last passes on his Senior 5 team. There are many obstacles in Jakiyza’s life that could keep him out of the gym, and, yet, he uses every resource he has to be at the gym six days a week.

“Jakiyza comes to EVERY Allstar practice; from our Prep teams, to ALL Elite Teams. You can hear him screaming across the entire gym! He constantly encourages and gives the best “mat talk” at practices, tumbling classes, warm-ups, and while teams are competing.” Kim Young, Extreme Cheer and Tumble

Outside of the gym, Jakiyza works to maintain a high GPA, so he can one day go to college and be the first in his family to get a secondary education. He hopes to become a teacher and a coach. He is dedicated, hungry for success, and wants nothing more than to bring every one of his teammates with him.

William Kinsey – Universal Spirit – Charlotte, NC

William is only one of the many incredible athletes on the Carolinas Exceptional Youth Athletes Allstar team. When he takes the floor, he lights up the entire stage with his infectious spirit and the joy with which he performs. Universal Spirit is proud to celebrate the Spirit of Hope each year, and William is the true embodiment of that spirit. He reminds us of how much fun you can have cheering, and brings a smile to everyone who interacts with him.

“The energy that William puts into routines is a true joy to watch. I believe we could all benefit in life by performing more like William. He takes the mat with his team and becomes the best version of himself. He is an inspiration to his team, coaches, and the audience.” Adam Thomas, Universal Spirit

Maggie Padgett – Mardi Gras Spirit Events – New Orleans, LA

Maggie Padgett from Douglasville Cheer Stars has been a part of their program for 6 years. Maggie makes a positive and continual impact on those inside the cheer community with teammates and younger athletes in her gym. She often writes encouraging notes and cards to those in her program that she struggle and hands out treats with inspirational quotes to boost team moral. Her spirit doesn’t stop shining when she leaves the gym, Maggie also spreads her all star attitude far & wide with those in several additional communities outside of cheer, participating in 12 extracurricular programs and clubs throughout the year. Many of these focus on her high academic achievements, community service and philanthropic leadership.

“She is a true example of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership. Not only does every athlete in our gym look up to her but our staff does too. We never stop being amazed by her dedication to our program and how she enriches the lives of those around her.” – Kelsie Graham, Douglassville Cheer Stars

Charlene Kim – GSSA Championships – Bakersfield, CA

Teamwork, dedication, confidence & leadership describes Charlene Kim in every day life and at her gym, California Flyers. She goes above & beyond to excel in her cheer skills, working her way up the ladder from Levels 1 – 5 and always practicing her skills wherever she could. While facing obstacles last season, Charlene showed her program her will power and dedication, overcoming odds to put on a beautiful performance at NCA All-Star Nationals. Outside of cheer, she is a brilliant student who earns consistently high marks and even started her own business selling hand-crafted items to help pay for her cheerleading.

“She pushes herself to be fearless & has set a standard of excellence for herself, which has set an amazing example to her team & to all the kids at our gym.” – Shelly Walker, California Flyers

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