NCA Staff 10 Year Tradition

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“Even one second wearing the NCA shield will change your life.”

Since its beginning back in 1948 with Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer, NCA has upheld a number of traditions we’ve come to know and love. From the NCA Spirit Stick, to the Herkie Jump itself; the red, white and blue shield holds a special place in cheerleading. One beloved tradition our NCA Staff hold dear is the presentation of the 10 Year Rings! These special rings are awarded once an instructor has completed 10 years on NCA Staff and serve as symbol of their commitment to doing what they love. The rings are “something that staffers dream about when they join staff…It stands for hard work, dedication and represents the legacy NCA has developed,” says NCA 10 Year Ring recipient Kirstin Snyder.

The rings, crafted by Herff Jones, symbolize just how far these instructors have come from the moment they were campers themselves! NCA Jarett Waters comments, “It’s a full circle moment going from a camper to a staffer and being a part of the next generation of cheerleaders’ memories of NCA Summer Camp.” The ring presentation serves as a reflection of growth and special moments that have impacted these NCA Instructors. “I have had life changing experiences on staff such as working NCA Competitions, doing Special Events in London and seeing my impact when kids that were once my campers become my colleagues,” reflects NCA Abigail Macaluso. It’s a special moment to receive a NCA 10 Year Ring because it celebrates a once in a lifetime journey.

Finally, what makes these rings so special is that they will always tie back the wearer to the NCA family. NCA Jarett refers to his fellow NCA Instructors as, “People that celebrate you, respect you, and honor you without ever have meeting you.” From the moment you make NCA Staff you “instantly have a connection because of the shield we wear,” says NCA Katey Landowski. No matter where they go, the rings will always connect these instructors to past, present and future NCA Staff who wear the shield with pride. “It’s a strong bond that includes people from all over and from all different backgrounds but we are connected through one thing,” says NCA Kirstin.

If you have ever considered joining NCA Staff, the 10 Year Ring is just another one of the many things to look forward to along with unbreakable friendships, life lessons, and chances to impact athletes across the nation. “There’s no better feeling than standing side-by-side with your best friends in staff line at a camp, or working events and making lifelong friendships…Believe in yourself, because you are so capable,” says NCA Katey to all cheerleaders aspiring to be on NCA Staff one day.

Congratulations to all those that have the honor of wearing the NCA 10 Year Ring! Thank you for upholding the NCA legacy and proving once again The Work Is Worth It.

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