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Our Summer Camp Instructors are hand-selected from leading colleges and universities across the country including team members from National Championship cheer teams and Gold Medalists from the US Premier National Teams. At camp, NCA Instructors are alongside cheer teams every step of the way to provide individual and team growth opportunities. Along with being great role models, NCA Staff complete background checks and are USA Cheer Safety Certified.

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NCA Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in joining NCA Staff. Our 2023-2024 applications are now closed.

NCA Leadership Staff Application

NCA Leadership Staff is an option for applicants from Arkansas, California, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

NCA Leadership have the opportunity to instruct at NCA Leadership Camps and NCA Christian Camps, offering in-depth training on individual and team leadership woven throughout the cheer camp experience.  Our Christian camps offer faith-building opportunities as well as worship each night.  All applicants will go through a personal interview.  No video upload is needed.  

What To Expect

The following list will give you some pointers for successfully completing your digital application:

  • Please note that all applicants must turn 18 years of age by the end of May, depending on your staff training date, to apply for the NCA Staff this summer. If you do not meet this requirement, please check back and reapply next year.
  • Ask two (2) non-family members to write short recommendations on your behalf – we strongly suggest having one letter from your current coach.
  • Start early – it is stressful to throw together a quality video at the last minute. You can save video clips on your phone now and compile them later.
  • Think of your tryout as a job interview – only include the best of your abilities.


For video links, review your videos before submitting! Make sure videos contain the following (in this order if possible):

  • An introduction (tell us about yourself and why you believe you would be an excellent addition to the NCA Staff).
  • Three (3) different connected advanced jumps (no spring floor).
  • One (1) cheer or chant showcasing motion technique and gameday presence– please use one of the cheers or chants from the link below. NO POMS please.
  • 1 running tumbling skill (no spring floor).
  • 1 standing tumbling skill (no spring floor). If you don’t have tumbling please note in video that you do not tumble.
  • Two (2) stunts – must perform two group stunts, it is optional to include an additional partner stunt. Please be sure to wave or otherwise designate which person you are in the video.
  • 1 Dance – applicants must choose either a dance or band chant from the link below. NO POMS please.
  • Perform jumps and tumbling on a standard cheer surface (grass, court, or thin mat) with shoes on.


Some questions to be prepared to answer on the application:

  • List experiences, honors, awards and activities that helped prepare you for this role.
  • Social media handles
  • Other summer obligations (jobs, vacations, summer school, etc).
  • Confirm the availability of reliable transportation to camps and the ability to drive 4-6 hours.
  • You will upload a recent full body photo.
  • Please be mindful of the deadline on your application.

Mascot Instructor Tryout

What To Include

  • An out of character introduction including name, where you mascot, and why you want to be an NCA Instructor.
  • 1 skit demonstrating crowd interaction and engagement

2024 Tryout Material

Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified if I am hired?

You will be notified by email on or before March 15th of your employment status. Staff is hired in each region based on the number of returning veteran staff and the number of camps projected for the summer. If you are selected as a New NCA Instructor, you will be sent a comprehensive packet of information that will contain paperwork and detailed information on all areas of instructing summer camps for NCA.

If hired, how will I be trained?

All NCA instructors attend a mandatory Staff Training Meeting that will take place in the months of May and June. There are multiple Staff Meetings set up across the country and you will be asked to attend the meeting located in your region. This extensive meeting will cover all aspects of your job as an instructor (policies, procedures, teaching methods, safety, etc.) NCA will help to coordinate transportation to and from the Staff Meeting, and all expenses are taken care of for the meeting.

If hired, how will I be staffed for camps?

Your availability during the summer will be the biggest factor in determining how many camps you will have on your initial schedule. We request that you be available for at least 5 full weeks during the summer (June through August.) The more flexible you are, the more camps you will receive throughout the summer. Camps that grow in enrollment and the addition of Home Camps will allow you to add camps continuously throughout the summer as your schedule permits.

If hired, how much will my uniforms cost?

NCA is able to offer significant discounts to our new staff for their uniforms. The average cost for a new instructor is about $85 and includes all attire that will be worn at camp, including shoes, as well as other needed materials.

How much will I get paid?

Your NCA hourly pay rate will be based on the state in which you are working and will be no less than the State Minimum Wage. Once at camp, all lodging and meals will be paid for by NCA. On top of your base pay you will receive non-taxed expense money per camp for travel and additional meals. If you are asked to travel a longer distance and you go beyond the fixed amount, you will be reimbursed through an expense report. If you are scheduled for a Day Camp or a Home Camp, you will be housed in a hotel and given more expense money since you will be on your own for more meals. You will be trained on all of these procedures at Staff Meeting.

How much travel is required?

You will be scheduled for camps within a 6 to 8 hour radius from your home address, and we will attempt to give you as much information as possible to set up travel with other instructors. Of course, we try to schedule you close to home, but that’s not always possible due to camp locations and enrollment. Travel is a required part of the NCA Instructor position, and you are ultimately responsible for getting yourself to and from camp.

Are travel and meals covered?

Once at camp, all lodging and meals will be paid for by NCA. On top of your base pay you will receive nontaxed expense money per camp for travel and additional meals. If you are asked to travel a longer distance and you go beyond the fixed amount, you will be reimbursed through an expense report.

Are there live NCA tryouts I can attend?

Yes, in many parts of the country we offer live tryouts. You can check our website for live tryout dates and locations, or contact your NCA Staffing Director.

If I attend a live tryout, what materials do I need to bring? Will I still need to submit a skills video later?

If you attend a live tryout, you’ll need to turn in your Agreement of Compliance form, photo, letters of recommendation, and application there. The AOC form is mandatory, but if you’re unable to submit any of the other items at the tryout, you may mail any missing items to the office separately. You may need to submit a video of your skills to the office if you attend a live tryout. Reaching out to the Staffing Director for your region will provide you with the most accurate information for your state. It is acceptable to do both live and video tryouts.

How can I confirm my application and video were received?

Upon submitting your digital application, a confirmation screen should appear. If you have additional questions, please contact your Staffing Director.

I was unable to send in my application/video by the January 31st deadline, can I still apply for a position?

Applications that miss the deadline are taken on a case-by-case basis. In areas where more instructors are needed, it may be possible to apply late. Contact the NCA office and speak to the appropriate Staffing Director about your situation.

Is the NCA Instructor position year-round?

Although the summer has the heaviest volume of camps, NCA has much to offer throughout the entire year. Regional and National competitions are held all over the country, and staff members play a vital role in the success of these events. NCA also recommends staff members for judging and choreography throughout the year, which helps you to earn extra money.

Video Tryout Tips

  • Start early, it can be stressful to put together a quality video at the last minute.
  • Think of your video as a job interview, let us get to know YOU!
  • Review your video before sending it in to be sure you have all the requirements.
  • Please do not wear warm-ups, t-shirts, or any other oversized clothing.
  • Only include the best of your abilities in each segment of the video.
  • Submit your video link as unlisted.
  • Be sure to look your best in every way, including hair, make-up, attire, etc.

Live Tryouts

What to Bring:

*Applicants MUST:

  • RSVP With Staffing Director Upon Tryout
  • Complete Wufoo application before attending (Note “Live Tryout Attendance” when asked for video link)

About the NCA Staff

NCA Staff Credentialing

NCA is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participants’ physical, emotional and social development, and promoting an environment free from abuse and misconduct.

All of our NCA Instructors complete the following certifications:

  • Background Check
  • NFHS/CDC Heads Up Concussion Training
  • USA Cheer Safety Certification
  • Athlete Safety and Wellness Program, understanding mandatory reporting requirements
  • Good Moral Character Affidavit
  • Comprehensive Staff Training Program
  • Fingerprinting – as required by state law and camp requirements

NCA Staff Roles

NCA Staff is an exciting opportunity for cheerleaders to develop professionally in a field they love! Our instructors are some of the most talented and personable cheerleaders in the nation.  The NCA Staff takes great pride in being part of an amazing family of instructors that spans the country and positively affects the lives of thousands of cheerleaders every year.

As a member of NCA Staff, our instructors have the opportunity to wear many different “hats” both during and after camp. As the industry progresses and changes, so does their job. Each year that our staff are invited back, the job will bring more responsibilities and opportunities that teach life skills and open up new doors professionally. Below are some expectations, responsibilities, and benefits that is the standard for all NCA Staff.

Our NCA Staff are expected to be a:

  • Teacher: 95% of being on NCA Staff is providing excellent teaching – ensuring that cheerleaders who attend NCA Camp understand, comprehend, and retain the valuable information that is provided. Camp is about the campers and how well they learn and grow from their experience with the NCA Staff.
  • Mentor: Our instructors are expected to are teach values, hard work, dedication, perseverance, and determination.
  • Customer Service Representative: The key to success in customer service is to communicate, be proactive, attend to the attitudes and needs of the customer, and ALWAYS be positive.
  • Evaluator: NCA Staff are expected to give immediate and accurate feedback, verbal and written, on several performances throughout camp.
  • Performer: It is imperative for our instructors to exhibit technical ability and performance quality. By performing and demoing cheers, chants, stunts, and various skills in front of the camp – NCA Staff are expected to set the standard for skill and technique.
  • Competition Crew: Throughout the competition season, our staff is hand selected to help work and/or judge regional and national competitions for NCA and other local/state organizations.

NCA Staff Benefits

  • Instructor salary.
  • Per diem to cover meals and travel expenses.
  • Exposure to choreography opportunities.
  • Marketable professional skills such as public speaking, staff and team management, to name a few.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Learn and teach innovative NCA curriculum to athletes and facilitate team bonding.
  • Staff discount in the Varsity Store.
  • Special Event opportunities.
  • Sponsorship discounts.
  • Memories that will last a lifetime!

Meet the NCA Staffing Directors

Brian Cao

West Staffing Director & Director of Choreography

Brian Cao

West Staffing Director & Director of Choreography

States Managed: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon

Number of Years with NCA: 27

Cheer Experience:
• Aloha High School (3 Years - Captain)
• University of Oregon (3 Years - Captain)
• Churchill High School (2 Years - Head Coach)
• University of Oregon (2 Years - Assistant Coach & Competition Choreographer)
• NCA (27 Years - Head Instructor, Choreographer, State Director, Judge)
• Thunder Elite All-Star Cheerleading (2 Years - Team Coach)
• RC Club Cheer All-Star Cheerleading (1 Year - Team Coach)
• StyleShock Cheer & Dance (8 Years - Owner, Team Coach, Choreographer & Athlete)

Dance Experience:
• Urban Shock Hip Hop Company (2 Years)
• Portland Dance Project (2 Years)
• NBA Portland Trailblazers Jam Squad (3 Years)
• h2A Dance Company (1 Year)
• Connex7 Dance Company (1 Year)
• The Detail Dance Company (2 Years)
• LYFE Dance Company (2 Years)

Why do you love working for NCA?
I love working for NCA because it gives me the opportunity to give back to so many impressionable and amazing young athletes; just in the same way that NCA Instructors did for me as a participant. Through NCA, I learned incredible lessons about self-worth, confidence, communication, perseverance, teamwork, and so much more. I found my voice and purpose in my early years on NCA Staff, which aided me immensely in the years that would follow. After leaving the instructional side of NCA to focus more on my all-star gym, there was no hesitation in returning when the opportunity became available 6 years later. I love working with like-minded individuals who put the participants and coaches at the forefront of our mission. If I can facilitate the journey of a kid feeling like they have the ability to do whatever they set their mind to, or a coach understanding the vital role they play in the life of their athletes, then my work has become that much more purposeful.

Outside of NCA:
In my free time, I love camping, hiking or pretty much anything outdoors, going to the movies, trying new restaurants, cooking at home, traveling the globe, experiencing new adventures, and most of all, spending time with my husband and our sweet Australian Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix, Autzen.


Frank Ems

Northeast Staffing Director

Frank Ems

Northeast Staffing Director

States Managed: CT, DE, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV

Hometown: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Number of Years with NCA: 12

Cheer Experience:
• East Stroudsburg High School South
• NCA Instructor - 5 years
• NCA Head Instructor - 3 years
• Stroudsburg High School - 2 years Head Coach
• Pennsbury High School - 2 years Co-Head Coach
• Varsity Spirit Northeast State Director 2019-2022

Why do you love working for NCA?
I love working for NCA because it has truly changed my life and for that I will forever be grateful. NCA has given me so many amazing opportunities and I want to be able to do that for everyone I meet through this company. I love having the opportunity to share my passion for cheerleading with all the amazing staffers, coaches and athletes across the country!

Outside of NCA:
I like trying new restaurants and experiencing new adventures. I have a four year old Golden Retriever, Charlie that I love to spend all my free time with.


Tucker Hunter

Speed and College Staffing Director

Tucker Hunter

Speed and College Staffing Director

States Managed: All

Hometown: Canby, Oregon

Number of Years with NCA: 12

Cheer Experience:
• Athlete and Coach at Thunder Elite All Stars in Clackamas, OR – 4 Years
• Oklahoma State Large Coed – 4 Years
• Twist and Shout Obsession – 1 Year
• Twist & Shout Genesis – 3 Years
• USA Cheer Coed – 5 years
• Cheer Athletics Claw 6 – 1 year
• Cheer Athletics Wildcats – 3 years
• Cheer Athletics Plano All Star Staff – 1 year
• NCA traditional, SPEED, and College Staff. HI since 2014.

Why do you love working for NCA?
NCA has always stood at the top in my eyes when thinking about the cheer industry. When I was younger I always viewed NCA as the standard and something of high value. Over the years, getting the opportunity to attend NCA events as a competitor and camper, then fast forward to helping influence and produce our events, I take a lot of pride in our product and the experiences we create for cheerleaders and dancers across the world. We have an incredible team and I truly love all the people I get to work with each day.

Outside of NCA:
I love visiting new places and exploring unique aspects of different cities I travel to. Outside of NCA, I coach cheerleading so that keeps me busy but also allows me to travel and have a lot of fun opportunities in the industry. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so definitely love to get out to the west coast as much as I can!


Cenie Royal

NCA Leadership Director & Southeast Staffing Director

Cenie Royal

NCA Leadership Director & Southeast Staffing Director

States Managed: FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, AL
- All for Leadership

Years with NCA: 41

Hometown: Born & Raised in Clovis, NM Currently: Richardson TX

Cheer Experience:
- Cheered 3 years in HS
- College Cheer – Cheered on the Co-Ed team Texas Tech University / Wreck ‘em Tech!
- H.I. for NCA
- Former HS coach
- Former All Star Coach
- Coach conference presenter

Why do I love NCA? I attended NCA camp in JH, HS, and College as a camper. It has been a part of my life for SO LONG! I love the positive impact we have on athletes and coaches at camp. I am proud of the leaders we train within our staff. I love my job every day and am so thankful for my career here!

Outside of NCA: Outside of my job, I love to spend time with my family. We are very involved in ministry in our church. I love gardening, being outside, concerts, and traveling.


Kip Winterowd

NCA Curriculum Director

Kip Winterowd

NCA Curriculum Director

Hometown: Salmon, Idaho

Number of Years with NCA: 28

Cheer Experience:
• Cheered for the University of Idaho 94-97
• Coached at the University of Idaho 96-98
• Coached at the University of Louisiana - Monroe 98-2000
• 10 years as the West Region Staffing Director
• 8 years as the Director of Curriculum for NCA

Why do you love working for NCA?
I love working a job and for a company where I feel I can have a profound impact on the next generation of leaders. It's rare to find a profession that allows you to step beyond the walls of the job description and help to shape the future and what it will look like.

Outside of NCA:
I'm heavily involved in the Boy Scouts of America as a leader and spokes person. I love all things outdoors, such as, camping, hiking, swimming, biking, and rock climbing. One of my favorite things to do is travel and experience all this world has to offer. And finally my family is so important to me and spending time with them, no matter what we are doing, is key to my happiness.


Leroy McCullough

NCA & NDA Brand Manager

Leroy McCullough

NCA & NDA Brand Manager

From Fayetteville, North Carolina

Why do you love working for NCA?
``I love working for NCA because it means that I get to be a part of a team that is driven to be a source of growth for young people while striving to innovate the cheer community. These things have been synonymous with the Brand, and to be a part of such a dedicated group of people is inspiring.``

What do you love to do in your free time?
``In my free time I spend time with my family, play video games with my daughter, and am currently on a mission to learn to play the guitar.``


Michelle Phythian

Southwest Staffing Director

Michelle Phythian

Southwest Staffing Director

States Managed: OK, TX

Number of Years with NCA: 10

Hometown: Garland, TX

Cheer Experience:
• 22 years of cheer experience
-Cheered for the University of North Texas all-girl
-Competed in the Inaugural NCA College Gameday Division
-Judge for UIL cheer state competition
- 5-year Gameday Choreographer

Why do you love working for NCA?
I love working for NCA because of the impact we make. The positive experiences we create for teams at camps, competitions, and clinics keep me going. I have not only seen this impact firsthand as an instructor but also experienced it as an athlete at an NCA camp from elementary through college! NCA has been a piece of my life for as long as I can remember, I am happy to call it my career now.

Outside of NCA:
When I am not doing something NCA related I enjoy practicing hot yoga. I also honor myself by eating all of my favorite sweet treats and listening to music that makes me think hard! I love taking care of my plants, dogs, and indulging in all my favorite television shows! On the weekends I can be found thrifting, somewhere with live music, or at a pop-up street market making the most out of life!


Mikaela Thomas

Central Staffing Director

Mikaela Thomas

Central Staffing Director

States Managed: AR, IA, IL, KS, LA, ND, NE, MN, MO, SD, WI

Number of Years with NCA: 10

Hometown: Mount Vernon, WA

Cheer Experience:
Mount Vernon High School – 3 years
NW Silverstars – 2 years
South Elite Allstars – 1 year
Washington State University (captain) – 3 years
NCA- Head Instructor, Core Staff, Event Staff – 9 years

Why do you love working for NCA?
I love working for NCA because of the passionate and inspirational people who surround me every day. Whether in cheer, work, or my personal life, I can always count on my NCA family to support and push me to be my best self. It is a chain reaction of good that starts in an office and spreads to every cheerleader, coach and instructor that attends an NCA event.

Outside of NCA:
I love to spend my time outside hiking, camping, swimming, soaking up the sun; anything to immerse myself in Mother Nature’s beauty! I enjoy live music, photography, and my kitty cat Whimsy!


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