How To: Communicate Easily with BAND

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In today’s world where camps and competition are a mix of virtual and in-person, and plans can change in a moment, its important for coaches to have a quick way to communicate. Luckily, the BAND app makes communication between team, coach, parents and event staff simple!

Here’s how Varsity Spirit has been using the BAND app during these unprecedented times to create an easy way to communicate with coaches around the nation.

Coaches BAND Groups

From sharing important forms, survey links and All-American Special Event announcements to relaying on COVID updates as they pertain to camps, the Coaches BANDs have been a main source for coaches to get news quickly. BAND groups are created by camp brands or by camp locations and provide a place for coaches to get information and ask questions in real life about their events. Coaches can also interact with other coaches to share information and answer questions.

Varsity University BANDs

The Varsity University team has incorporated BAND into their coach’s conference experience! The BAND app hosts Q&As during the conference to create a personal touch into virtual events. The Varsity University team is also able to create multiple chat groups within the BAND for specific breakout rooms for each conference topic.

Competition BANDs

When spectators are limited, event producers can utilize BAND to share competitions updates typically shared in-venue. Competition BANDs are also home to event reminders and links to competition coverage on Varsity TV. Virtual Award Sessions are also held within each BAND group to make it easy for parents and coaches to find results.

Coaches are also finding great success using BAND to communicate with their athletes and parents. Check out how a championship cheer team uses BAND to take their program to the next level here!


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