Why Does a Championship Cheer Team Use BAND?

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Between practices, games, pep rallies and competitions, fall can be a busy time for cheerleaders and dancers, Stay ahead of the new season using BAND! Check out how Salmen High School uses BAND to effectively communicate & organize their schedules as the season picks up, leaving time to focus on the little things to take their program to the next level

Unlimited Film Sessions for Feedback & Cleaning up Routines.
It’s the little mistakes that make the routine look less than perfect. To fix them, the Spartans tirelessly watch themselves see what they’ve done wrong. Coach Denise uploads & shares video files from practices & performances on a consistent basis. Analyzing film can allow your team to learn what they need to strengthen. Get your Captain more Involved
The Spartan’s have their team captain take initiative in the Band by providing tips & tricks on how to nail their routines. This alleviates tasks & time from the coaching staff, and allows the team to build a stronger bond.Create Multiple Bands: 1. Team  2. Parents
They funnel information into different Bands: Team Communication vs Parent Communication. The Team Band contains all relevant information needed to reach the cheer team, while the Parent Band contains information and paperwork such as waivers, fundraisers, & expenses. 

Less involved parents are becoming more engaged over time through interactive features like the Signup Sheet or Poll below:

Powerful Schedule for Everything
BAND makes it extremely easy to plan anything your cheer squad needs such as practices, showcases, or team photoshoots! The Spartans even attach RSVPs to each event, that way they know who’s coming or not. Quick Updates with Transparency
Coach Kathleen is no longer wasting time tracking down who has read her message or not. Simply make an announcement on BAND, and it will let you know who’s read it.

Now that you’ve seen why successful teams like the Spartans use BAND, it’s time to try it out for yourself! Download BAND for free on iOS or Android to start communicating more efficiently this season or visit  www.band.us to learn more.




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