Keep Growing. Stay Spirited. Go Be Productive.

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Today’s world looks a little different than before. We have swapped our way of life from busy to rest, from go to stay, and from in person to virtual. Our daily schedules have temporarily changed to keep others safe but our spirit, positivity, and determination have remained stronger than ever!  Now is the time to grow, become more organized, stay active, and continue being the ambassadors of spirit to the world around us. Here are a few tips on how to stay productive during this time at home so we can return to our communities even better than before:

Make a Schedule: Productivity starts with seeing a goal and working towards it. What better way to stay on track than creating a weekly schedule for yourself? Grab a notebook and jot down some goals you want to achieve on each day of the week with deadlines. Whether it’s finishing an assignment, cleaning your room, or doing a work out, be sure to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each goal. Make your schedule fun with doodles or check boxes so you can track your accomplishments!

Learn Something New: Is there a skill you have wanted to learn but have never had the time to do it? Take advantage and educate yourself in something that interests you. If it’s music, learn how to play a new song. If it’s baking, try out a new recipe. If it’s history, read online articles to build on your knowledge. The Internet is a great place to find tutorials and access all sorts of resources to learn new things!

Stay Connected: Just because we can’t physically see our peers doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected and let them know we care! Maintaining and strengthening our relationship via social media, FaceTime and texting are great ways to productively use our time and share our spirit. Carve out 30 minutes in your schedule each day to FaceTime a teammate to ask how they are doing or write a letter and mail it to a relative who needs a smile. Click here for more fun ideas on using your time to stay connected.

Stay Active: Remember that schedule we talked about? Be sure to reserve a time to focus on your physical health and stay productive. Eating healthy and staying active are great uses of your time and energy. Not sure where to start? Check out our free Varsity Fit Training Guide on Varsity TV to get going on that at-home physical health!

Plan Some Family Time: We are not only ambassadors of spirit in the halls of our schools but also in our very own homes. Devote some time to planning something fun for your family to keep spirits raised. Organize a game night or help cook a family meal to gather around. Take a break from a screen and replace it with conversations with the ones around you. The quality time here is special and you can be the one to lead it! Check out more of our ideas on family activities here.

Times have changed but only for a short while. It’s how we choose to spend this temporary time that allows us to emerge stronger, wiser, and better. Remember to keep growing, stay spirited, and go be productive!

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