Family Team Bonding

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At summer camps across the country, we focus on creating close team bonds that will be the foundation for your season. But who says these activities are just for your team? While spending more time at home with your family, we want to give you some ideas on how to use activities that you learned this summer at camp to bring your family closer together.

 Shower of Praise

An iconic activity at the end of camp is the infamous Shower of Praise. Your team lines up and one-by-one gives a personal thank you and word of appreciation for each member of the team. Do this with your family by sharing something positive about each family member around the dinner table or writing a simple note to brighten their spirits.

Team Unity Ceremony

Because you are going to be spending so much time with your fam, you might as well set some goals for your time at home! Creating strong family unity is vital in making the most of your time together. Just like camp, take a seat in the living room and share a family goal, personal goal and what you love most about your family. These goals can range anywhere from getting 30 minutes of exercise in a day to finally organizing your closet or anything in-between!

Relay Race Games

What better way to bring your family closer together than putting on a relay race! Set up a “course” somewhere in your home where you balance a book on your head as you walk across the living room, crabwalk across the kitchen or race up the stairs. If you have a large family, split into two teams and see who wins. If your family is smaller, do the relay race as many times as you can to try and beat your record time!

Until you can get back to your team, we encourage you to treat your family like your teammates and lift up one another every day. Planning to try one of these activities at home? Tag us on social media so that we can see all the family fun!

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