Pass the Mat


Pass the Mat is a new award created by Varsity All Star to shine a spotlight on teams who are #AllStarStrong. This award allows teams to recognize other teams who display excellence in discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork. You know them when you see them – they collaborate with focus and intensity, and they are genuinely warm and encouraging to their fellow competitors. They may not always win on the floor, but it is obvious that they are winning at life.

How Do We Receive the Mat?

Pass the Mat is an award that is FOR teams, decided on BY teams! Pass the Mat awards are to be passed on from one team to another team at a Varsity All Star event this season. In order to earn a Pass the Mat square, a team that is currently holding a mat square needs to notice your team displaying excellence in discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork. If you’re lucky enough to earn a Pass the Mat square from a fellow competitor team, you get to sign it and keep it until your next Varsity All Star event. Share your #PassTheMat journey on social media and tag @VarsityAllStar!

How Do We Pass The Mat?

Teams who receive the Pass the Mat award have some responsibilities:

  1. Snap a photo when you receive your mat square, post it on social media tagging @VarsityAllStar and use the hashtag #PassTheMat.
  2. Sign the back of the mat with your team name, city, state and date. Keep it short and sweet so there’s plenty of room for the next teams’ info that the mat square is passed on to.
  3. Keep it until your next Varsity All Star event. While the mat square rests at the winner’s location in between events, teams are encouraged to share more photos with their square from practice or at community events. Be sure to tag @VarsityAllStar and use the hashtag #PassTheMat.
  4. Pass the Mat at your next Varsity All Star event! Watch your fellow competitors closely, both on and off the floor. Seek out an all around awesome team who displays excellence in discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork and then Pass the Mat on to them. How and when you “Pass the Mat” is totally up to you!

This is a BIG DEAL! There are only 200 mat squares, so receiving one of them this season should be a HUGE honor and testament to a team’s discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork!

At the end of the season, those teams holding Pass the Mat squares will be contacted by Varsity All Star to send them back in. Stay tuned at the end of the season because we are planning to build something extra special with mat squares to share with the world!