BAND is the official communication partner of Varsity Spirit. The BAND app is a popular choice among cheer and dance team coaches, marching band directors, and parents looking for a way to communicate with their programs in a safe and organized space. Coaches and directors can use the BAND app to manage their teams in one single platform, with powerful features such as live streaming, video call, and integrated calendars. BAND is used by more than 100,000 coaches and 25 million groups in 179 countries, including cheer and dance teams, sports teams, and school groups.

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Why Does a Championship Cheer Team Use BAND?

Check out how Salmen High School uses BAND to effectively communicate & organize their schedules as the season picks up, leaving time to focus on the little things to take their program to the next level

Teams BAND Together At UCA Nationals

Organization and communication are major keys to success. Crestwood High School Cheer uses the BAND app to share important information and keep it all in one place throughout the season.

Benefits of BAND

Hey coach! Are you looking to improve communication with your team? BAND is the way to go when it comes to staying connected and organized throughout your season. Here are the Top 6 Reasons why BAND is the perfect tool for coaches!

BAND: Changing The Game For Cheerleaders & Dancers

Do you ever get overwhelmed trying to stay organized while planning fundraisers, scheduling team bonding activities & preparing for competition? Stress no more, we've found the newest app that will keep all your team’s needs organized in one place!

How Varsity Spirit Uses BAND

In today’s world where camps and competition are a mix of virtual and in-person, and plans can change in a moment, it is important for coaches to have a quick way to communicate. Luckily, the BAND app makes communication between team, coach, parents and event staff simple!