Varsity Pom Poms

Varsity Spirit Pom Poms

Our large selection of spirit pom poms includes materials made in the USA! All poms are custom made to match your Varsity Spirit Fashion uniform and are consistent with coloring from year to year. They come pre-fluffed, shed-resistant, and washable!

Just like adding accessories to your outfit, pom poms help complete your spirit wardrobe while serving as a functional prop to engage your crowd. Whether you want your fans to yell your team colors or you want to add a little sparkle to your performance, we have an endless variety of in-stock colors and finishes to choose from.

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The History of the Pom

What was the pom pom originally created for? This accessory has been used by cheerleaders for decades to improve showmanship and aid in crowd leading. The original cheer pom poms, first seen used in the 1930’s, were handmade out of crepe paper. They were flimsy and couldn’t hold up very well against the outdoor elements.

After Lawrence Herkimer founded the National Cheerleaders Association in 1953, he began manufacturing the modern pom with the baton style hidden handle. Herkimer holds a patent to this style of pom, which is a popular for cheer, dance and pep squads today.

What Are Cheerleader Pom Poms Called?

Is it “pom pom” or “pom pon?” Technically, it’s both! Most people refer to this spirit prop as a “pom,” and since they first surfaced on the sidelines in the 1930’s they have been called pom poms. Lawrence Herkimer’s patent of the pom is actually named the “pom pon” with an “N.”

What Do Pom Poms Represent?

Poms represent school spirit. In the hands of a cheerleaders, dancers and pep squad members, spirit pom poms are a powerful tool of showmanship and crowd leading. With the rising popularity of color TV, Herkimer also developed his poms to make performances stand out with color.

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