Workout with UDA Ramsi

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Alright, it’s time to train! Today, I will be instructing you through a 15-minute cardio workout that builds strength and exercises your cardiovascular system. The importance of pumping your blood is not only that it burns unwanted fat, it also strengthens your heart and proven to enlighten your mood.

Envision me standing right next to you. We are getting stronger, TOGETHER!  Let’s get to sweatin!


Each interval will be 30 seconds with one 30 second rest in the middle! LET’S GO!! 

★ 30 seconds of jumping jacks

★ 30 seconds of football runs, be in a deep plié, and quickly move your feet.

★ back to 30 seconds of jumping jacks

★ 30 seconds of plank walkouts, standing straight touch your toes and walk your hands out to a plank and then walk back to your toes and that is one set.

★ Hold a 30 second plank KEEP PUSHING!!

★ 30 seconds of mountain climbers

★ QUICKLY go into deep second position squats with a fast pulse for 30 seconds!


★ 30 seconds x jumps, from your second position plié, and jump to an X shape and land back into your plié you got this!


★ 30 seconds of jump ropes

★ 30 seconds of butt kicks

★ 30 seconds alternating jumping lunges

★ 30 seconds in a left lunge you push off your right leg to come to a posse back into that lunge

★ 30 seconds in a right lunge you push off your left leg to come to a posse back into that lunge


YOU ARE KILLING IT!!!! You should be so proud let’s keep pushing to be the best of yourselves!!!


★ Crossing your left leg behind your right plie and pulse for 30 seconds

★ Switch legs with right behind left and pulse for 30 seconds

★ 30 seconds of a deep second plié pulses

★ 30 seconds of lifting your right heel deep second plié pulses

★ Switch to left heel 30 seconds of deep second plie


★ 30 second high knees

★ 30 seconds jump rope side to side

★ 30 seconds of burpees without a push-up

★ 30 seconds of holding a plank


★ 30 seconds of cross over mountain climbers getting your right leg to your left shoulder and vis versa.

★ Back to 30 seconds of jumping jacks

★ 30 seconds jumping alternating squats

★ 30 seconds of circling your arms in a forward motion

★ 30 seconds of circling your arms in a back hard motion


★ 30 seconds of elevé in a nicely turned out the second position

★ And lastly, in a nice relevé hold that second potion for 30 seconds


YOU COMPLETED THIS WORKOUT!! I am so impressed and proud; I completed the workout earlier today and was drenched in sweat and I hope you felt the burn. I want to remind you that to chase your dreams, you have to put in the effort. So, if you think you can’t because you are tired or muscles are starting to burn that is when you continue to push because that is when you grow to be the best dancer you can be! Hope you enjoyed this workout and once you complete it make sure you post your selfie and tag @uda and @uda_ramsi

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