The Summit 2019: Pinnacle Award Winners

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Created in 2018, the Varsity Pinnacle Award spotlights #AllStarStrong athletes from around the nation who embody the characteristics of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership. Hundreds of amazing athletes were nominated by their coaches, friends, family and fellow athletes to be recognized at The Summit 2019. Congratulations to the 2019 Summit Varsity Pinnacle Award Winners!

Leadership– Woodlands Elite Captains
The Captains from Woodlands Elite lead not only on their team but also in their gym and their community. Each week, the Captains picked a team in their gym and wrote a “Good Luck Letter” to every athlete on the chosen team. Letters ranged from motivational quotes, to an inspirational hashtag to full paragraph of encouragement. It became a tradition that every team in the gym looked forward to and hoped to receive. The Captain’s letters provided confidence for all of the Woodlands Elite teams and strengthened the bond of the Captain’s themselves. On days off from practice, the team worked on a philanthropy project in association with a local food bank where the team sorted through 6,480 lbs. of food and packed 720 bags for less fortunate students to receive a buddy backpack to ensure students had food over the weekend. The Captains have truly shown what leadership can accomplish inside and outside of the gym.

Teamwork – Alberta Cheer Empire Invictus

Despite setbacks, the ladies of Invictus proved the teamwork can help a group get through anything. Invictus was traveling to their hotel after arriving in Las Vegas for a competition weekend when their bus was in an accident. After accessing the situation hours later, the team decided to slightly modify their routine and shoulder through to compete. During the weekend, Invictus put out two beautiful routines earning themselves a bid to The Summit. Many athletes would not be able to rise above their experience but with a strong bond and serious teamwork, Invictus was able to conquer the climb of the accident and the competition.

Dedication – Champion Cheer Lava Girls

It’s with true dedication that the Champion Cheer Lava Girls proved this brand new team had what it takes to #BeTheLight all season long. New to the gym, the Youth Level 2 team pushed each other to be better not only as themselves but as a team. Their motto of “Sister Hood for Life” reinforced their dedication to their team and their coaches. The Lava Girls also stayed dedicated to their community as they came together for a team community service project called “Lava Loves Shoes”. The team collected donations of shoes for the Apollo Support and Rescue organization to give shoes to those in need and funds towards the animal shelter. Together, the Lava Girls collected 336 pairs of shoes! It’s amazing what a team can do together when bonded by a strong sense of dedication not only for cheerleading but for the community.

Confidence – Morgan Merrell

Despite setbacks, Morgan Merrell takes the floor on competition day with a level of confidence above the rest. Battling heart issues and congenital scoliosis doesn’t stop Morgan from putting time in the gym to master tumbling that amazes not only her PT but her team as well. Morgan’s confidence in herself, her team and her skills truly shines on stages as she defies the odds to overcome the obstacles thrown her way.

The Pinnacle Program Award – Jason Larkins, American Cheer

The lessons Jason Larks, director of American Cheer, teaches his athletes last longer than a single cheer season. Jason takes time to get to know each athlete on a personal level to develop goals and create a path to achieve them. Besides celebrating little and large victories in the gym, Jason supports his athletes at school events, celebrations and is serves as a mentor when athletes need a listening ear. Jason Larkins embodies what the Pinnacle Program award is all about.


*Stay tuned to meet the Varsity Pinnacle Award Winners from The Dance Summit and The D2 Summit! 

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