The Staff Scoop – How to Become A UDA Staffer

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To say the least, being a UDA staffer is the BEST job ever! From traveling across the country teaching dance camps, working dance competitions, and doing other events, this job is truly remarkable. Thankfully, applying for this amazing job is extremely easy! The first step in applying for this position is to text “UDASTAFF” to 36698. After texting the number listed above, you will receive more information regarding auditions for staff. At the beginning of next year, you will be contacted regarding the location and date of your audition; all of the auditions are regionally based, so there will always be one in proximity to you. Once the day of your audition arrives, bring a headshot, letter of recommendation, and other suggested paperwork to the audition. Likewise, it is recommended to arrive early, look presentable, and be ready for a full day of dancing! During the audition, you will learn a combination consisting of jazz, pom, hip hop, and individual improv. Likewise, there will be technical across the floor combinations. Also, you will be evaluated on your ability to teach around 4 eight counts of your individual choreography. Lastly, interviews will conclude the audition. To the judges’ discretion, there may be cuts held throughout the audition process. Although the audition process to become a UDA staffer may appear daunting, the atmosphere of the audition is similar to that of a UDA camp- fun, uplifting, and encouraging!

If chosen to be on staff, in the upcoming month, you will receive a lot of information about your new position. You will receive your camp clothes, fill out your availability, and complete all required paperwork. In May, all UDA staff members attend UDA Staff Training. At staff training, you learn everything you need to know about UDA camp, meet your coworkers, and review the routines that are taught at camp throughout the summer. Prior to camp, you will be assigned to one of three video groups and before coming to training, you will be expected to know the routines assigned to you. Immediately after training, camps start! At UDA camps, expect a high-energy, rewarding environment. The majority of UDA camps are 4 days long, and consist of dance and technique classes, teambuilding exercises, and fun activities. The days at camp are extremely long, but even more rewarding! The more you pour yourself into the UDA camp environment, the more you receive from the position in return. 

Deciding to become a UDA staffer is a decision you will not regret if you have a passion for dance and teaching! Be sure to text the number listed above in this article to begin your journey to becoming a UDA staffer today!

 Hope to see you at auditions!

-Harley Southmayd

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