The Spell Your Name Workout!

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The Spell Your Name Workout

Get fit this summer – one letter at a time!

Feeling unmotivated to get up and move this summer? We feel you! While summer vacation is a great time to relax, it is also important to keep active to prepare your body to go full out this fall. Here is a fun and personalized way to get up and get at it this summer!

For each letter of your name, do the workout next to the letter. For an added challenge, try spelling your first name 3 times through, spelling your entire first, middle & last name – or even getting with a friend and swapping each other’s names! Switch it up, keep it fun, and you’ll be in top shape for the season before you know it!

A – 30 jumping jacks

B – 15 squats

C – 10 pushups

D – 15 burpees

E – 25 situps

F – 20 lunges (10 each leg)

G – 30 tricep dips

H – 1 minute wall sit

I – 30 high knees

J – 10 jump squats

K – 40 mountain climbers

L – 30 second plank

M – 10 inch worms

N – 30 Russian twists

O – 15 sumo squats

P – 10 tuck jumps

Q – 30 scissor kicks

R – 1 minute side plank (30 seconds each side)

S – 5 toe touches

T – 10 burpees w/ a pushup

U – 30 calf raises

V – 15 v-ups

W – 20 bicycle crunches

X – 1 minute jump rope

Y – 20 side lunges (10 each side)

Z – 30 crunches



Need some more ideas to switch it up? Check out these ideas below!
  • Spell each day of the week
  • Spell your gym or school name
  • Add a new letter every day
  • First, middle & last name
  • Swap names with a friend
  • First name 3 times through
  • Dog name, street name, favorite ice cream flavor – the options are endless!


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