The Importance of Being a Team Leader

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The support, the glue that holds a team together, and motivation comes from strong team leaders. When the going gets tough, team leaders step up and support their coach and communicate with their teammates. Team leaders connect their team and coach together through loyalty and commitment. They also spend time motivating their squad through praise and leading by example. These qualities that leaders possess and learn to develop help shape a team’s cohesiveness and contribute to a successful dance team season.

There are many ways that a team leader can help to support his or her team throughout the year. One of the biggest ways is to be the open line of communication between the team and the coach. When the coach sets his or her expectations with the leaders at the start of the season, this lays the groundwork for the role the leaders will play. One of these expectations should consist of some form of communication plan. What does the coach want the leaders to communicate to the team? How does the coach hope their communication will be with the leaders? There should always be a belief that the leaders will come to the coach in confidence with any concerns or suggestions, however, always remaining supportive in front of the team. Team leaders are essentially an extension of the coach. They are the coach’s additional voice and work closely with them to make the season a success. Team leaders’ integrity and ability to help problem solve certain situations can help a coach have a composed and positive team.

Team leaders are often the glue that keeps a team functioning together and this is done through their loyalty and commitment. Leaders’ loyalty to their team should be resolute. This doesn’t mean they agree with every decision their coach makes, but it does mean they recognize decisions made for the greater good of the team. If there is a situation to be addressed they know to do so in private and to always defend the interest of the team in a respectful and solution driven way. Their loyalty to the coach and their belief in the team’s values helps set the example for the entire team. Team leaders’ commitment to their team, their coach, and their school helps create buy-in for all members. Dancers looks up to their team leaders when they are fully committed and protecting what the team has created together.

One of the greatest things a team leader can do for his or her team is be a motivator. This is not only done verbally through praise, as leaders should be the first to praise and the last to criticize, but also can be done through discipline and leading by example. Leaders should boost their team’s confidence, give compliments, and share encouragement. This positive reinforcement can help a team feel good about their efforts and inspire hard work by all of the team members. For leaders, it is not always about receiving praise, but rather giving it. Through their discipline to dance and to the team’s expectations, leaders are also setting a positive example for their teammates. They are leading the way for their team and helping to create a motivating environment for all of the dancers.

Team leaders are an incredible asset to dance teams when they help to create an atmosphere that is supportive, committed, and uplifting. The relationship between the team leaders and the coaches can help set the tone for an amazing season with dancers dedicated to each other and to making it the best season ever

By Marja Edwardson

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