The Dance Summit 2019: Varsity Pinnacle Award Winners

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Dancers stepped into the spotlight in a whole new way at The Dance Summit. The Varsity Pinnacle Award was presented to four incredible athletes and one amazing coach to in celebration of the #AllStarStrong characteristics and actions each individual displays. Congratulations to the 2019 Dance Summit Varsity Pinnacle Awards Winners!

LEADERSHIP: Biscuit Redd – Quest Studios

With a smile that lights up ANY room, Biscuit Redd from Quest Studios is a two-time Varsity Pinnacle Award winner. Receiving the award for Confidence last year, Biscuit was nominated nine times, three of which were individuals from other programs. After a heart transplant, Biscuit was in a coma for six months but has pulled through stronger than ever. Inspiring those of all ages around her, Biscuit has radiated positivity through her social media platforms, along with speaking at competitions about self-esteem, goal-setting, and confidence. Constantly considering the feelings of others, Biscuit exemplifies how one can lead by example, demonstrating kindness and resilience, all while motivating others to strive for greatness.

TEAMWORK: Dem GirlZ – Fully loaded Dance Studio

Shaping the minds of themselves and the younger dancers around them, Dem GirlZ Jr. Small Hip Hop dancers from Fully loaded Dance Studio do just that. Knowing the value of having motivating role models, these seven dancers emulate collaboration, team comradery, and compassion. With their joyful spirit, they continually assist the other dancers and special needs groups, all while motivating each other to be the best they can be. This has created a positive ripple effect among the dancers at Fully Loaded Dance Studio, promoting cooperation and togetherness.

CONFIDENCE: Samantha Melson – The Source Dance Lab

Samantha Melson of The Source Dance Lab has verified she is comfortable with constantly challenging herself in order to continue learning. With the same studio for 10+ years, Samantha exudes confidence, proving her work ethic as she placed 2nd at World of Dance NJ, received recipiency of the NRG Dance Project Scholarship and was selected as the 2019 Revel Dance Regional Champion. Aside from training at the studio, Samantha volunteers for charitable organizations such as the Diabetes Foundation, The American Cancer Society and Autism Speaks. Loved and adored by the younger dancers, her warm and welcoming spirit conveys confidence as she is further grounded in her principles of determination and humility.

DEDICATION: Lilly Snider – NY Majestic Dance Team

At such a young age, Lilly has been able to gain a clear understanding of her family’s strength as they supported each other when her mother, Holly, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Lymphoma. Lilly has sought to approach adversity with optimism, kindness, and a drive to keep moving forward. Remaining present in school, focused in class, and mature at the studio, Lilly has embodied selflessness, while working diligently to accomplish various milestones. Lilly strives to be the best performer and teammate she can be, enduring kindness and positivity with others in the process. Her experience has made her an inspiration to her teammates, as she encourages them to battle any obstacle, remaining steadfast in their goals.

PINNACLE PROGRAM: Alexa Draper – Premier Athletics NKY

Coach Alexa Draper finds the compassion to be tantamount with her purpose as a coach, mother, and full-time accountant. Alexa Draper is forced to prioritize her time to meet the pressing needs of young children, her eight-month older daughter, Kallie, and clientele as an accountant. Always working in a fast-paced environment, Alexa focuses on others, meeting the needs of those around her. Her energetic and inquisitive nature allows her to make an impact on other’s lives. As a leader in the gym, she practices compassion, discipline and high-energy, advocating for her athletes, as she has done everything in her power to prepare them as contenders for Dance Summit. She serves to guide others, recognizing their potential and supporting their progress, exemplifying the heart of a leader who sets precedents for athletes that symbolize consideration, talent, and persistence.

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