The Dance MAJORS Program Reveal

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The Dance MAJORS 2023 program reveal is here! No Divisions, No Categories, No splits! All invitees go head-to-head because there can only be ONE Dance MAJORS CHAMPION! You will want to watch this elite display of talent, skills, and performances at the Inaugural Dance MAJORS!

Meet the best programs in the United States that have accepted the challenge to compete at the Inaugural Dance MAJORS!

  • Adrenaline Studio
  • Brookfield Dance, a Brio Studio Co
  • Dance Athletics
  • Dance Dynamics
  • Dancin Bluebonnets
  • Dollhouse Dance Factory
  • Energizers
  • Footnotes Fusion
  • Foursis Dance Academy
  • Legendary Athletics
  • Next Level Dance Co
  • Pittsburgh Pride All Stars
  • Starz Dance Academy
  • The Vision Dance Center
  • Ultimate All Stars

Click here to watch the reveal on Varsity TV.

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