Stay Hydrated In The Summer Heat

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Stay Hydrated In The Summer Heat

Schools are letting out and summer vacation is almost here. It's everyone's favorite time of year with cheer camps starting, vacation, sweet treats and sunshine – there's so much to love about summer! 

With so much fun to be had each day, it's hard to know if you're drinking enough water.

Here are a few easy tips to help you stay hydrated in the summer heat!

1. Set a goal and achieve it

As athletes, we are naturally driven to accomplish our goals. If you set a goal for 2 liters a day, then don't stop until you have achieved it! Keep a water jug near you to always sip on and stay hydrated.

2. DIY Water Bottle

Make drinking water fun! Whether it's a customized water jug for camp or a bedazzled Starbucks cup, find something you enjoy carrying around and drink up!


Marking hour goals on your water bottle will help keep you accountable. Photo By: MintToSparkle/

3. Flavor Infusion

Tired of water? Add some flavor! Try infusing healthy fruits and herbs to enhance your water. Try mixing Strawberries, cucumbers, mint & lime together for a refreshing summer flavor!


Flavored water is in! Get creative with your water combinations to make fun summer drinks. Photo By:

4. Freeze fruit in ice cubes

Keep your water cold and healthy treat all at the same time! Freeze berries in an ice cube tray to spice up your water.


Freeze your favorite fruit in an ice tray to make these fun ice cubes. Photo By:

5. Use a straw

Using a straw just makes drinking water more fun!

6. Drink a glass before every meal

Drinking a glass of water before every meal will keep you hydrated all day long and help curb your appetite so you become full faster.


Go sip on some water and say hello to summer!

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