Power in Positivity: From NCA Camp to the Miss Texas Stage

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Being a “cheerleader” should not just be your title, but your character.

When NCA Staff aren’t teaching summer camp or cheering at College Game Days, they are out in the world pursuing greatness in other leadership roles. Some hang up their uniforms to put on business suits while others adorn medical scrubs or teacher’s clothes. One thing is certain, those powerful cheer voices continue to inspire year round in the various careers and roles throughout the nation. NCA Instructor Jaelene Luper continues to use her voice not to only lead at NCA Summer Camp but also to young individuals in her role as Miss Grapevine, Texas.


Jaelene has walked in cheer shoes for a majority of her life. Starting in the 4th grade she began cheering for her school’s cheer squad all the way up to her 2nd year of college. In 2019 she competed in the Miss Texas Organization and received her first title. This year she currently serves as Miss Grapevine 2020 and plans to hit the Miss Texas stage in 2021.

Jaelene continues to use her leadership roles in NCA and as Miss Grapevine to empower and inspire our youth. She believes that our youth have greater power than they know to create a positive environment for those around them. But don’t take it from us, we will let her do the talking….

Dear Cheerleaders,

As an Instructor on NCA Staff, every summer for the past 4 years I have had the honor of coaching youth like you. Every team teaches me something new, and every individual changes my life for the better. Many don’t realize it, but this is a power you hold in everyday life, too.

The influence that you possess as a leader should not be carried lightly. Your upbeat attitude, your respectful nature, and even the way you wear your hair rubs off on people. Your job is to use your decisions to impact the people around you in the best way possible.

This school year will look different for a lot of reasons, but one thing remains the same – you. You are still a positive role model, a spirit leader, and a voice of change in your community. Being a “cheerleader” should not just be your title, but your character.

I am so grateful for all of the things cheerleading has taught me, but I am most grateful for the person it has made me. In my current role as Miss Grapevine, little eyes are among me everywhere, and I have the courage and confidence to be someone they can look up to. I have learned to elevate the room, and whether I ever make it to the Miss America stage or not, I can say that I used every opportunity to be a light for my community.

This year will not come without challenges. That is expected. But as cheerleaders, you have a vital role to play among your peers. Lift others up and stay positive! Be the source of encouragement in class. Come up with creative ways to cheer on others. Allow cheerleading to be more than just a uniform!

With love,

Jaelene Luper
NCA Southwest Instructor
Miss Grapevine 2020 – 2021


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