Pinnacle Peek 👀 – Riley, Emily W., Jayce & Emily V.

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Catch up with our fist Varsity Pinnacle Award winners of 2020!

Emily Williams – NDA All-Star Nationals – Grapevine, TX

All Star Dancers took the stage at  NDA All-Star Nationals and one incredible athlete stood out above the rest. Emily Williams from Wiley Elite’s Redemption danced her way into the spotlight as the NDA Pinnacle Award winner. Emily’s passion for dance is contagious, she never misses a practice and you always see her in the gym putting in additional work. Although this is her first year competing as a dancer, she was an all star cheerleader and exudes the characteristics of a strong teammate to everyone she comes into contact with.

“She always has the best attitude and never fails to encourage her teammates. Thank you for always being positive, respectful and setting a great example!” – Chelsey Burton, Wiley Elite

Riley Gremmel – Spirit Cheer – Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City was full of energy, athleticism & excitement as the first championship to kick off the new decade. Spirit Cheer’s Beast of the East Championship awarded their first ever Pinnacle Award to Riley Gremmel of Cheer Militia Allstars. Rylie is a shining example of team work and dedication as she frequently attends open gym with her program and continues to push herself to gain new skills for her team. When not competing, she coaches younger athletes in her gym and has been recognized by her school for her outstanding leadership amongst her student body. Riley embodies confidence. When Riley walks in a room or takes the floor at a competition, the room immediately lights up and this incredibly confident cheerleader is before us.

“She lights up a room when she walks in and is a great part of what makes our gym special” – Robin Gremmel, Cheer Militia Allstars

Jayce Pritle – JAMfest Events – Indianapolis, IN 

Jayce Pirtle is a special athlete from Cheerville Athletics and traveled across the country with her team, Hocus Pocus, to compete at the 2020 JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals. Not only did her team take home the National Championship title, but Jayce was honored as the Varsity Pinnacle Award winner. Growing up, she watched her sister face medical challenges and learned that not all children get to experience the simple joys of going to school, playing sports or just being able to engage with other children. Because of this, she made it her mission to better the lives of other children. When Jayce is not in the gym or on the sidelines cheering, she is volunteering countless hours bettering the lives of our youth. She wakes up early and volunteers to read to the Pre-K classes at a local elementary school before heading to school herself, volunteers to build beds for children with a local charity “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” and collected over 150 books for a hospital organization, Sewing Miles of Smiles. Not only does Jayce give it her all on the mat, but it is clear she is a light to her community and touches the lives of everyone around her.

“Not only does this athlete give 110% cheering at her gym and school, but she gives even more to her community. She embodies the positivity & dedication of #AllStarStrong and we are lucky to be able to award her generous spirit.” Bradley Abston, JAMfest Events

Emily Vesterfelt – Feel the Power – Hamilton, ON, Canada 

The Cheer Sport Sharks – Great White Sharks not only made history by bringing home the first international paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds, but they also had an athlete take home the Varsity Pinnacle Award. Emily Vesterfelt has had her eyes set on being part of the Great White legacy from an early age. “

“When Emily was just 6, she watched her cousin compete as a Great White and at that small age she said, ‘When I grow Up, I want to be a Great White Shark’.” – Bonnie Vesterfelt

Unfortunately, Emily struggled to gain the skills necessary to compete at the elite level. Keeping her eye on the prize, Emily put in extra hours and dedicated herself to becoming a leader in the program and achieve her dream of competing on Great White Sharks. After a setback last seasons that took her off the mat, Emily stepped up to show her support and push the other members of her team to compete at their very best. This season, Emily is back and ready to continue to show that she is #AllStarStrong!

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