Pinnacle Award Peek 👀 – Kelee, Austin & Brody

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The Varsity Pinnacle award is back and Varsity All Star is honored to be able to highlight the incredible #AllStarStrong accomplishments of these athletes both on and off the mat. This past weekend, 3 more athletes were honored across the country. Learn more about what they are doing to build teamwork, confidence, dedication & leadership in their communities.

Kelee Gibson – Spirit Celebration Christmas Championship – Dallas, TX  

Kelee Gibson competed this past weekend with Champion Cheer – Heat, the L6 Senior Open team earning her bid to The World Championships. When not cheering, Kelee strives to set an example for all of those in the gym. Her commitment to go above and beyond for her program and her teammates is remarkable, never letting a challenging medical condition slow her down or hold her back. She is an athlete, coach, an instructor and an amazing ambassador of all star cheerleading.

“It is an honor to know her and have her compete at our events. What she brings to the floor is truly special” – Wendy Hughes, Spirit Celebration

 Austin Woodley – America’s Best National Championship – Kansas City, MO

Austin is a cheerleader at Elite Cheer in Council Bluffs who has made an indelible mark on the coaches and athletes that pass through their doors. He is currently enrolled in college courses and will graduate high school with his Associates Degree. When not competing, he helps to coach two Junior teams in his gym and works several other jobs in the community. His coaches rave about his kind heart and supportive attitude.

“Austin is EVERYONE’s biggest cheerleader. He will sit and cheer on every athlete. He truly made this gym and every person in it his family. I cannot think of a person more deserving of an award for his dedication to the sport, his team and his EC Family!” Cait Boyer,  Elite Cheer

 Brody Sloan – World Spirit Federation All Star Cheer & Dance Championship – Louisville, KY

Brody Sloan is not only an All Star Cheerleader, but also a starting Tight End for Maryville High School who just won TSSAA State Championship! Brody is leader on and off the mat & field. He lifts up his teammates during practices and competitions, bringing positive energy to the team and everyone around him. He keeps everyone motivated and hyped up during practices and competitions and puts his heart into everything that he commits to. Being such a high level athlete in two sports, Brody balances practicing six days a week with his academic work. Brody is the epitome of dedication & boosts the confidence of those around him.

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