Pinnacle Award Peek 👀 – Jessica, Blaine & Ashley

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We are stepping in to a new year & a new decade with our sights still set on celebrating #AllStarStrong athletes across the country with the Varsity Pinnacle Award. Take a look at our most recent award recipients who truly bring qualities of leadership & dedication to their programs.

Ashley Bolwell – LIVE! Cheer & Dance – Philadelphia, PA

LIVE! Philadelphia was an event to remember with their first ever Pinnacle Award winner, Ashley Bolwell! Ashley cheers for CER Wildcats, on the Senior Wildcat team and is also a volunteer coach for her program. Ashley is wise beyond her years, setting a positive example as an athlete and as a kind-hearted and patient coach.

“Throughout the many years that I have known Ashley, I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow into the respectful, responsible and successful young lady that she is today. Whether it is in the classroom, on the mat as one of the amazing girls I have the pleasure of coaching, or volunteering in her community, her positive demeanor remains persistent.” – Erin Esposito, CER Wildcats

Ashley also balances and impressive schedule away from the gym. She’s an honor-roll student, high school cheerleader and a volunteer. Her ability to lead by example and connect with her teammates is second to none and will serve as an example for the entire Wildcats program to follow.

Blaine Hanath – Encore Championships – Houston, TX

Blaine has been a member of Cheer Factory since it was opened 10 years ago and strives to promote inclusivity in all star cheerleading for everyone. After facing bullying, Blaine made it his mission to recruit more males to the sport and show the world what competitive cheerleading is all about. He is a positive role model and leader on his team, a loved tumbling coach and the head coach of Cheer Factory’s Special Abilities Team – Reign.

“He is not only an amazing advocate for our sport, but a positive role model for younger athletes.”  – Griffin Meyers, Encore Houston

Off the mat, Blaine is very active in his community, church and other youth programs helping spread the anti-bullying message. He is always there to lend an ear and a hug to anyone as a reminder that they CAN achieve whatever they put their mind to.

“Blaine is a blessing to our program and to others, it is a true honor to be able to nominate him for this award.” – Shea Davenport, Cheer Factory

Jessica De Los Santos – Nation’s Choice Holiday Classic – Schaumburg, IL

Jessica took the floor with Rain & Freeze of Planet Spirit at the Nation’s Choice Holiday Classic with confidence and poise. As a leader on her team, she spends +15 hours a week in the gym for practices & tumbling. She uses her time productively, both working on her own skills and supporting her teammates and younger athletes to develop new skills. With humility and kindness, she serves as a role model and inspiration for many other athletes through her dedication, hard work and continued skill progression.

“She is a bright light and true role model both on and off the blue mat” – Danny Stroham, Planet Spirit

Jessica also loves to give back and is involved in several activities in her community.  She is a Girl Scout and volunteers through the program at events, leading activities and helping younger members.  Additionally, she is a mentor and dedicates time with her mentee weekly doing activities and being a trusted friend and role model to her.

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