Nearly New Dancewear Collection

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With all of the unrest and uncertainty in our world today, Kennedy Webb felt inspired to make a difference somewhere she could. As a dancer for many years and lots of connections, she felt this was the place she could make the biggest impact. “As our coaches were going through all of the team gear we would need to order for this season, I realized just how lucky we all are to be able to spend hundreds of dollars on our own brand new backpacks, sweatshirts, t-shirts, garment bags, raincoats, tank tops, and more,” said Kennedy. “It made me think of all of the dancewear and costumes I’ve collected over the past 10 years that have been worn one or two times and then left in a drawer or put away in storage.” That’s when it dawned on her. This is where she could make a difference. Many dancers may not even have the means to purchase the most basic dancewear items like class wear, practice wear and shoes. This would be her focus.

Kennedy created the Nearly New Dancewear Collection. She set up donation boxes around studios in her community and has collected over 1,000 dancewear items. “It’s so awesome to bring together members of local dance community from different studios, teams and retail stores to use what we already have to help others,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy plans on making this an annual drive and wants to get even more studios and communities involved in the future. Eventually, she’d like to see it grow to a national organization so that the Nearly New Dancewear Collection can help as many dancers as possible.

Would you like to help Kennedy and the Nearly New Dancewear Collection make a difference? Do you have old dancewear laying around taking up space? Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @thenearlynewdc and Facebook: @thenearlynewdc for events and ways you can get involved.

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