Indoor Scavenger Hunt

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You and almost everybody else in the world are spending all your time at home lately which means that your forms of entertainment seem limited. During this time in the house, it’s important to keep your mind active and body in motion. A day spent inside is anything but boring with this indoor scavenger hunt. Enjoy an afternoon of reminiscing, silly antics and creativity!

  • Find your oldest uniform
  • Put all your bows in your hair to create a unique and crazy hairstyle
  • Count the number of poms you have in our house
  • Do your competition makeup on a family member
  • Check in with teammate – see how they’re doing
  • Pull out all your medals and take a picture
  • Build a pyramid with household items
  • What’s in your cheer or dance bag? Clean out your bag and take a photo
  • Teach your parent or sibling your dance section
  • Learn your favorite team’s stunt section and video it on the floor
  • Write a letter to your coach
  • Memorize the words to your favorite cheer mix
  • Come up with a cheer for healthcare workers and everyone on the front lines right now
  • Send this scavenger hunt to a teammate!

Share your scavenger hunt adventures with us – be sure to tag @VarsitySpirit!

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