In Formation October Update

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Judges for St. Jude! đź’›
This season, Varsity All Star Judges have teamed up with St. Jude to provide your gym the opportunity to get preseason feedback on your routine while raising money to benefit the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For a donation, you can submit sections of your team’s routine to be evaluated by Varsity All Star Judges. Receive general feedback about your difficulty and technique ranges as well as additional opportunities to improve on what you have from trained category judges. Submit 1 section of your routine per donation – All proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Click here to get started!

Fashion Welcomes New Team Member
We are pleased to announce the addition of Robin Swanson to our Varsity All Star Fashion House.  Robin has managed fashion design teams from NY to LA and has expertise in numerous fashion related areas including; innovative design development and product process life cycle management.  Robin’s primary role will be to work alongside the design team and directly with the design developers and coordinators to enhance our internal design development.

🚨 Fashion Trend Alert
For all the places you go; we’ve got you covered!  Warm-up jackets and pullovers from the GOTO Collection keep you comfy and cozy at competition. Want more trends and all the details?  Contact your local All Star Sales Specialist.

Stay Smart Updates
We recently created a video as a resource for coaches to help explain Stay Smart to your athlete’s parents. Click here to watch and share this video!
The majority of our 2 Day events do not require housing.  However, the Tier 1 and 2 events that do require a housing service include the following added benefits this season:

  • Lowest Room Rate Guarantee, plus an easy way to report a lower rate if you find one
  • Block Schedules provided no less than 4 weeks prior to each 2-day event, giving teams the ability to book only the nights needed
  • Ability to collect and use hotel loyalty points.

In addition, we are working with our housing partners to improve the compliance process.  We have heard from some of you that the current requirements can be cumbersome and time consuming.  We want you to know that we are listening and re-evaluating the procedures used by each of our housing partners.  As solutions are reached, we will share those with you via this newsletter.

Learn more about Stay Smart!

Event Registration
New for the 19-20 season, programs will only be asked to sign and submit a copy of the Varsity Spirit Policies and Procedures ONCE for the entire 19-20 season! You will be asked to submit this for your first event, and then this document will be added to your profile in our system for the full season. We have also enhanced the system to be able to accept a copy of your W9. Collecting W9’s will be simpler than ever, with the goal of speeding up the turnaround time on Varsity Family Plan rewards.

GoFundMe đź’°
Varsity Spirit and GoFundMe have partnered to help you spend less time fundraising and more time doing what you love. With GoFundMe, there is a 0% platform fee and you keep 97% of funds raised. That’s a lot more than other fundraising tools! Get started by creating your team GoFundMe, launch your campaign and track your progress here!


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