How To Prepare for UDA Camp this Summer!

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Summer is in full swing and we are putting the #SpotlightOnSpirit at UDA Camp! Here are 4 ways you can prepare for UDA Camp this Summer:

  1. Set Team Goals

UDA Camp is the perfect way to start your team’s season! Whether you are looking to learn performance ready routines, bond as a team, improve your technique, or learn how to prepare for Game Day, UDA Camp provides all these opportunities and more! As a team it is important to set goals for camp, with these goals in mind camp will be even more beneficial for your team and setting you up for a successful season!


  1. Get to Know Your Teammates

UDA Camp will be a fun-packed week full of dancing and team bonding, and it is so important to get to know your teammates before heading to camp. Whether you plan a sleepover before or a day of bonding, knowing your teammates strengths as dancers and their personality will help you communicate better as a team. When a team has bonded there is trust and members “buy-in” to the season and the process. This is important to achieve those team goals you set for the season!


  1. Plan Your Crazy Night Outfit

Crazy Night happens on Day 3 of Traditional Overnight Camps and this year’s theme is Spotlight on Spirit. Get together as a team and plan outfits that showcase your favorite Broadway show or characters, the crazier the better! Crazy Night is the perfect time for your team to come together and have so much fun with your UDA Staff and other teams!


  1. Get Pumped Up!

Your UDA Staff is SO excited for a week full of fun, and the more you and your team put in, the more you will take away. Yes it will be tiring and the days will be filled with lots of dancing, but you will be doing it alongside all of your teammates! Make the effort to stay positive and engaged, we cannot wait to have the best week with you!

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