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Dance Tips Daily Podcast

Dani Albertina

As dancers, we are no strangers to repetition.

How many times has your coach, mentor or teacher said “one more time…” (5 times in a row) or “again!” before you’ve even finished the 8 count? Although we might not be too thrilled about hearing those words in the moment as our bodies are exhausted and we try to catch our breath…little by little that “one more time” continues to help shape us into the resilient, stronger and better dancer we’re striving to be. (Thanks coaches, mentors and teachers!)

“If there’s one thing that repetition in dance has taught is that it builds habits.”

In these tough and changing times, it is completely normal to find it difficult to stay optimistic about the future of the dance business and have trouble focusing on making your biggest dance dreams come true… especially when you see some of your dream jobs temporarily closed or permanently canceled. However, if there’s one thing that repetition in dance has taught is that it builds habits, and good habits provide us with a solid foundation to fall back on especially when we’re not feeling our best.

Dance tips daily runs on repetition.

Join us every day for a new episode featuring a short and sweet motivational tip for every dancer. With Technique Tuesdays, Foodie Fridays and Social Dance Sundays not only will you gain the insight to become a more well-rounded dancer, but the show will give you that extra boost of encouragement to stay on track toward your dance goals. Our podcast is your friendly source of motivation, encouraging you just “one more time” each day.

Every episode features wisdom from a dance expert, carefully curated, and read to you from dance blogs, books, and articles.

These timeless excerpts offer perspectives on topics that are essential for the successful dancer’s toolbox (or should we say dance bag?). On the first of every month, a bonus episode features exclusive one-on-one interviews with dancers, industry professionals, and students of dance. The podcast was created to instill a healthy daily “routine” and connect creatives with one another during a time when we have to be apart from our dance families. Hopefully, we can keep pushing one another toward our dream despite these challenging circumstances. If anyone can find their light in dark times it’s our community of optimistic, resilient, and steadfast dancers.

Let’s start creating healthy habits together, head on over to and get inspired.

-Dani Albertina

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